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Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay is looking for an external hard drive that will go with a Mac. Leo says any external hard drive will work, so it doesn't matter. Will a portable drive last longer? Leo says no. It'll be a smaller drive, but the only difference will be that it would be powered by USB (bus powered). USB 3 would be ideal. It may be a bit slower, but that's about it. Leo says if it's for a desktop, then get an AC powered hard drive. They're faster and cheaper.

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Watch Richard from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Richard's son had his phone stolen yesterday, and wants to know if there's a way he can track it. Leo says that in order to track the phone, he would have to have enabled the "find my phone" feature in the settings. That would enable him to locate it online and forward that information to the police. It also enables him to remotely wipe the phone. He can also press a button that will emit a loud tone making it very easy to locate.

Leo advises not tracking down the phone because he may live to regret that. Let the police handle it, if they will. Phones get stolen a lot. The NYPD used to track down phones, but these days with limited budgets, police won't respond unless someone gets hurt. His best bet is to wipe the phone and call his carrier to ask them to "brick it."

Watch Steve from Chino Hills, CA Comments

Steve is installing an MBR security camera that he can access online. He'd like to be able to see it on his TV.

Leo says that the Google Chromecast would be an ideal option for this as it turns the TV into a smart TV capable of accessing the internet. If his TV is already a smartTV, then he may not need anything. Just launch the browser and surf to the camera.

Watch Marti from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Marti is having trouble updating virus definitions with Microsoft Security Essentials. Leo says it may be a stuck update. Once an update gets stuck, further updates wait until that stuck update is cleared before they install.

Leo advises simply uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials and then reinstalling it. If that doesn't clear the issue, then Leo advises scanning with the Malicious Software Removal Tool (click start > run > type "MRT" > enter), and then choose "full scan". After that, Leo advises going to ESET and run their free online scanner.

If all that comes up clean, then Leo advises running Eset's Services Fixer.

(Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor).

Watch Alex from Chicago, IL Comments

Alex has a Panasonic ST60 and he really likes it. However, he's getting a black border around the screen whenever he tries watching anything. Leo says to look into settings to see what his aspect ratio is set to. If that's set properly, the screen should go all the way to the bezel. If it doesn't and he's verified that he's using the correct settings, then there's a repair issue. Contact Panasonic and have them fix it under warranty.

Watch Gary from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Gary got a smartphone and he now has a lot of images and video clips. but he can't get the videos that he shot with his Canon 1Dx to play. Leo says it may be a playback codec. The videos are in a format that the phone can't play back. Leo says to look on Google Play. MX Player and VLC are recommended by the chatroom. Leo also says if he saves the videos at a lower bitrate, that may help as well.

Watch Art from West L.A., CA Comments

Art is unable to view his photos, and he keeps getting image database errors. Leo says that it appears to be a Microsoft generated error and what they do is look at a folder with photos and show thumbnails. So the thumbnail database may be corrupted. It could be that the data is there, or there could be a more serious hard drive issue. Art's wondering if trying a system rollback would help, and Leo says it couldn't hurt.

First, he should open a command line and navigate to the folder to see if he can see the images. Click start > Run > type "CMD" > hit enter. That will open a DOS shell and he can type "CD" and then the link to the directory. Then 'DIR' to view the list. If they're not there, then there's a more serious issue.

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Watch John from St. Georges, UT Comments

John can't get his Outlook calendar to sync. Leo says syncing is a dark art. Issues in sync include data duplication, and multiple calendar users. His issue is with Outlook and Google Calendar.

Leo says that Outlook is a poorly written Calendar. Leo advises getting rid of it altogether and relying solely on Google Calendar. It'll work with anything, any platform (except Outlook, obviously), and it'll sync. He should make sure Outlook email and announcements are set in his settings. He should have no issues once he goes to Google exclusively.

Watch Robert from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Robert is trying to install Windows 7 onto a MacBook Air, but he gets an error with BootCamp that the partition isn't NTFS. Leo says that one known problem is with the Mac Fusion Drive. If it's just an SSD however, it should work. He'll have to format the disc in Windows Installer, not BootCamp. Apple doesn't do NTFS, it just partitions the hard drive. Let Windows installer do the formatting of NTFS during the installation. Press "O" for options. He'll also need the Apple drivers.

Another choice is using Crossover for Windows, or run it into virtualization with Oracle's Virtual Box. It's a free virtual machine that will run and install Windows virtually.

Watch Donna from Corona, CA Comments

Donna de-partitioned her hard drive and now her computer can't read the drive. A partition tool can be a very dangerous thing and it's very easy to mangle the boot record. The best thing to do at this point is to re-install Windows. She doesn't need a partition at all, just make it one large drive.

One other thing to try is to buy a version of Windows 7 and install it using her install key. She may also be able to restore from the restore partition. She can press F8 (or F11, F10, or F1) at boot. This is one of the frustrations of not getting a separate disc when buying a computer. She can Contact Dell and ask them for install discs. For a nominal fee, they'll send a set to her.

Watch Steven from California Comments

Steven wants to know about the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit. Leo says to wait four days for the new Google phone Leo's not allowed to talk about. It's the one. Leo hates what Samsung has done with their latest phones. The Galaxy S4, for instance, is an S3 just loaded with more junk.

Watch Ivan from Brisbane, Australia Comments

Ivan has an Android phone and wants a good backup and restore solution. Leo says that in the settings there's an option to backup and restore directly to and from Google. It's not seamless like iCloud, but it does work.

Third party apps include Titanium Backup (but he'd have to root his phone to use it). Without rooting, there's Clockwork Mod's Helium. It'll backup everything, but there may be issues with some items.

Watch Jim from Mellington, MI Comments

Jim got nailed by a virus that he himself let in using an old version of Adobe Reader. Leo says that Adobe is horrible security-wise. The only true way to know that he's gotten rid of a virus is to backup his data, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.