How do I remove browser plugins in Safari?

Episode 998 (32:56)

Justin from Manville, NJ

Justin has been having trouble printing International eBay labels for the Mac, so he downloaded a PDF browser plugin to get around the issue. Now that the issue has been fixed, he can't get the plugin to go away.

Leo says that removing a browser plugin is a simple affair. He just has to hold down the "option" key, click "Go" in the menubar, and select "library". Inside the library, look under the Safari/Extensions folder. It could be there, or it could be in another internet plugins folder. If he installed it for all users, then he'll have to press 'CMD Shift C', click the hard drive, and access the system library folder.

The chatroom says to go into system preferences and look for the extensions option. He can uninstall it there, but it may only show some of them.