How can I repair my hard drive? (Part 1)

Episode 998 (1:12:21)

Vicky from California

Vicky has a Western Digital external drive that has died, and she wants to know how she could recover her files and photos off it? Leo says there's two ways hard drives can die. If it's physical, then she can have it worked on by someone like DriveSavers who can take the hard drive apart and get the data off in a clean room. It's expensive, though.

It could also be a broken enclosure, not the hard drive at all. She could take it out and then either plug it directly into a PC or, she can get a new enclosure to fix it. The cheapest way is to get a NewerTrek USB connector which will allow her to connect and power a hard drive temporarily to get the data.

Here's an Instructable on how to take the drive out.