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Episode 998 July 21, 2013

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Brandon from Springfield, MO Comments

Brandon wants to sell some things on eBay and he's never done it. There may be an age issue for Brandon, though. He'll have to be over 13 to sell on eBay per the US Online Privacy Protection Act, which requires protections for children under 13. Even then, he'd have to have verifiable parental consent. Plus, he also has to have a credit card on file, so realistically he'd have to be 18.

Brandon won't be able set up an eBay account on his own, but his parents can. There's some tricks of the trade though, like how to describe the item fairly and accurate, how to take good pictures of your item, etc.

Leo also wants Brandon to go to and download Alice so he can learn to program.

Watch Justin from Manville, NJ Comments

Justin has been having trouble printing International eBay labels for the Mac, so he downloaded a PDF browser plugin to get around the issue. Now that the issue has been fixed, he can't get the plugin to go away.

Leo says that removing a browser plugin is a simple affair. He just has to hold down the "option" key, click "Go" in the menubar, and select "library". Inside the library, look under the Safari/Extensions folder. It could be there, or it could be in another internet plugins folder. If he installed it for all users, then he'll have to press 'CMD Shift C', click the hard drive, and access the system library folder.

The chatroom says to go into system preferences and look for the extensions option. He can uninstall it there, but it may only show some of them.

Watch Chris from Victorville, CA Comments

Chris wants to know what Leo thinks of the iPhone. Leo says he prefers Android because it has evolved much faster. Apple only releases a new model once a year.

Leo likes having the systemwide "back" button that Android provides. iPhone users are stuck with the stock keyboard, whereas Android allows for other keyboards to be installed. Android phones also have larger screens. It may be a bit prettier, but it's certainly not more functional. However, this is all Leo's opinion, and the iPhone is right for many people still.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Steven from Irvine, CA Comments

Steven has been having trouble with his Fujitsu laptop and Fujitsu says his "screen is corrupted." Leo says that's utter nonsense. They may have meant display driver instead. Leo also says that after 8 years, it's even more likely that the ribbon cable has broken, keeping the LCD from working.

Watch Steven from Irvine, CA Comments

Steven wants to know if he can plug in his hard drive to transfer files to and from the iPad. Leo says it won't allow this because Apple doesn't give users access to the iPad's file system. This doesn't mean there's no way to transfer data, however. He can always connect to it through iTunes or use Dropbox.

Watch Jason from Cooper, TX Comments

Jason has a Metrocom Android tablet that he bought on Amazon awhile back and he can't get his files moved over to the SD card. Leo says that since Jason has a third party cheap tablet, and it's running Android, he's stuck with whatever kind of support that manufacturer offers. Most are very bad and cheaply made. Leo says you get what you pay for.

Copying to an SD card should be pretty straightforward, though. Leo says to just plug it into the computer via the USB port. Then tap 'USB Device connected', and choose either 'file storage' or 'photo copying'. He could try both. If none of that works, there is an Android file transfer program.

Watch Vicky from California Comments

Vicky has a Western Digital external drive that has died, and she wants to know how she could recover her files and photos off it? Leo says there's two ways hard drives can die. If it's physical, then she can have it worked on by someone like DriveSavers who can take the hard drive apart and get the data off in a clean room. It's expensive, though.

It could also be a broken enclosure, not the hard drive at all. She could take it out and then either plug it directly into a PC or, she can get a new enclosure to fix it. The cheapest way is to get a NewerTrek USB connector which will allow her to connect and power a hard drive temporarily to get the data.

Here's an Instructable on how to take the drive out.

Watch Vicky from California Comments

Leo says that DropBox is a great option for students, which has 5GB free.

For pictures, Flickr has given users 1 TB of data for free. So that's a solid option to upload images. Or, she can just backup those images to an external hard drive and then take the hard drive off site.

She's also wondering what voice recorders would be best for school. Leo says Olympus makes some very inexpensive voice recorders.

Watch John from Newport Richey, FL Comments

John bought a DVD player and the DVDs just aren't playing right. So he returned it and got another but he's having issues with that one as well. Leo says that if John is playing off the analog component cable, then it's likely he's dealing with copy protection and the TV isn't supporting the analog hole. Leo says to look on the back of the TV and choose the best quality connector. Ideally, HDMI is the way to go. Component will work as well, but he just needs the right cables.

Watch Guy from Belmont, CA Comments

Guy is getting ready to upgrade his PC by changing out the motherboard and wants to know if he needs to reinstall Windows. Leo says yes, he will. The computer will be confused because the OS is looking for the motherboard it was installed for. What

Guy could go into the device manager and delete everything. Then reset the ESCD in BIOS so it'll reacquire everything. Then he'll have to install all the latest drivers. Doing this may cause Windows to think it isn't a genuine copy, though. So he'll have to call Microsoft and explain to them that he replaced the motherboard and they'll give him a new Key. At the end of the day, it's best to just start over and reinstall.

Watch Andrew from California Comments

Andrew makes Minecraft videos on YouTube and wants them to look more professional. Leo says most professional work is done with 3D graphics. There are a lot of different ways to do it and it's not easy. That makes a good project for Andrew to learn with, though. Most professionals use Adobe After Effects. A free one is called Blender. It's harder to use, but if he can use that, he could use anything.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Lee from Big Bear, CA Comments

Lee has an old Gateway computer and when he did the latest Windows update, it got stuck. Now it won't work at all. It keeps asking to insert the boot drive.

Leo says it sounds like the hard drive has failed. Lee should reformat the hard drive and upgrade to Windows 7. If the hard drive is dead, they're cheap. So he could get another one and upgrade to Windows 7. Can he boot from the CD? Leo says yes, but it'll be running the Windows installer. Then he can format the hard drive from there. The key is to start fresh.

Watch Brandon from Monroe, NJ Comments

Brandon wants to start recording his video game play and needs a video card that can do that. Leo says that the next generation game platforms will be doing that, and live. Most people use the software FRAPS. That will allow him to not only record video games in HD, but also test the speed of video games. It's for PC only though.

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George wants to know if Skype can block a call from a contact list, why can't the cellphone companies? Leo says that if telemarketers are calling him on his cellphone, it's illegal to do so. He needs to demand they put him on their DoNotCall list. By law, they have to. Leo also gets around this by using Google Voice. He should let that be his permanent number and it'll deal with it. Then he can tell Google voice to only ring his phone for his contacts only. He can tell them to ignore an unknown number and block it.

Watch Tim from Oceanside, CA Comments

Tim has a Lenovo laptop running Windows 8 and now he has an error message that it "cannot find file" when he puts a CD in the drive. It will play a music CD, however.

Leo says that could be an issue with Windows Media player as it tries to rip the CD. Leo suggests trying a new media player and see if that will rip it. Leo likes Media Monkey. He can also reset Windows 8. When Windows 8.1 comes out in the fall, it should fix all these problems.

Watch Bernie from Flagstaff, AZ Comments

Bernie wants to clone a RAID 0 setup to a single drive. Leo suggests putting a third drive in the computer and use that. Just clone it like he would any other drive. That fact that it's in a RAID isn't a big deal. EaseUS does a great job with it. Another option is Drive Snapshot. He can even make it bootable.

Watch John from Monrovia, CA Comments

John is an extreme runner and he wants to create video slide shows about what he does. Leo's favorite slideshow program is Keynote. John should also look into getting a website to help get awareness out as well.

Pro tip: Make a slide SIMPLER than you think. Watch Steve Jobs using Keynote. There's very little text on the screen. It's there to illustrate, not distract. Powerpoint is OK, but it's outdated. Prezi is another option that's web based. is an online presentation site. He should keep it simple, clear, and direct.