Why can't I get my webcam and blu-ray player to work on my home-built computer?

Episode 997 (2:04:06)

Bruce from Hisperia, CA

Bruce built his own Windows 8 rig recently. Leo says SSD drives would be great because Bruce doesn't have to wait for the drive to hunt and search for files. Bruce installed a RAM drive, something that Leo hasn't seen in awhile. RAM drives will always be fastest because it uses RAM to run the directory. Sounds like a machine that's as fast as he can get except that a RAM drive does have to push out the files and save them to the drive before shutting down. Bruce can always up the speed later with a GPU driven video card. Unless he's gaming or video editing, he could probably get around that.

Bruce hasn't been able to get his Logitech webcam to work. Leo says drivers could be an issue. Bruce says he has installed the drivers and they just don't work. Are there Blu-ray player apps that he can use for his twin players? Leo says that Blu-ray is a bag of hurt because of digital rights management. HDCP support has to be across all devices. If something is not HDCP compliant, it won't work at all. Leo also doesn't recommend building a computer anymore because there's no support team and no parts provider to take responsibility when something goes wrong.

Bruce can visit PCper.com to look at parts for his computer.