Scott Wilkinson

Episode 997 (22:28)

Scott got a question from Frederique in the TWiT office this week about a new TV they got with terrible sound. Scott says that next month, a new sound bar will be coming out from Pioneer, the SPSB23W Speaker Bar, that will outperform it's price class. Leo says that Pioneer hasn't made a sound bar in 15 years. Scott says it's designed by speaker guru Andrew Jones.

Leo says he wonders how much of a surround sound experience you get with sound bars. Scott says you don't, and it's usually simulated by using digital signal processing with phase or bounding the sound off the side walls. This new sound bar doesn't use those tricks at all, though, and actually comes with a wireless sub woofer. Leo says this may actual have good stereo sound then. Scott says he's heard it, and it's amazing sound, and only $400. It has a curved wooden case for better resonance as well. This is ideal for a system which is connected directly for the TV.

Leo says it sounds like a great deal and he may have to get it when it comes out next month! This week on HTG - Fred Kitsen, CTO of DTX. Leo says that should be a fun show!