Johnny Jet

Episode 997 (1:20:57)

Johnny is back in L.A. after 55 days, 10 countries and 6 states. This week is part two of Johnny's talk on Global Entry, where you arrange ahead of time to get credentials for expedited clearance into the United States for low risk travelers. Global Entry costs $100 for five years, and Amex holders can even get the fee reimbursed. Johnny says it's the best thing he ever did.

Four steps to joining Global Entry:
-Apply Online ($100 non-refundable fee for five years.)
-Schedule an Interview
-Interview Determines Your Eligibility
-Provide Identification

Another option is Canada's Nexus program. This is $50 for five years, works in the US, and you get Global Entry with it as well. As of yesterday, you get the PreCheck program which allows you to clear for domestic flights as well and avoid TSA pat downs. You go through in seconds with no forms. Just taking fingerprints in the US, retinal scans in Canada and you're through. Find out more at the US Global Entry Site at

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