How do I transfer my programs from my old computer to a new one?

Episode 997 (37:43)

Bob from Manhattan Beach, CA

Bob wants to know if Laplink is still around. He wants to move his Windows settings and programs from one computer to another. Leo says he has a hunch that Laplink isn't around anymore, but Microsoft has a connection and transfer utility called the "EZ Transfer Wizard" that does the job rather nicely.

Leo says that in general, when getting a new computer, he should go with the most recent OS. Some of his old programs may not work under Windows 8, though.

Leo recommends moving only his data over to the new computer, and Bob should be backing up just the data anyway. A 32GB USB key should be sufficient for that.

If he wants to securely delete files from the old hard drive, Leo recommends Microsoft's SDelete. It'll not only permanently delete it, it'll hunt copies down in virtual memory. It's available for free from Microsoft.