Google Announces Their First Motorola Branded Phone

Episode 997 (02:33)

The "Moto X" will be the name of Google's first Android phone under the Motorola Brand since Google bought the company. The Moto X will be built in Fort Worth, TX, which will not only allow them to customize the phone's interface faster, but it will also circumvent the ban on Motorola phones as per the legal decision which would require all Motorola imports be turned away by the International Trade Commission.

Rumors say that the Moto X will always be listening and will be tied directly into Google Now. Leo says that he's surprised people aren't more creeped out by this development. This rumor has some credibility since Canadian cell company Rogers put out a training video highlighting the feature.

While the Moto X may always be listening, Leo doesn't think that Google is constantly getting data. That would be way too much. It's likely actively listening for keywords and acting accordingly.

Look for the Moto X sometime in August.