Why won't my Asus VivoBook let me downgrade to Windows 7? (Part 2)

Episode 995 (18:47)

Asher from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Asus VivoBook

Asher got an Asus VivoBook. He hates Windows 8 though, so he wanted to install Windows 7, but it wouldn't install. Leo says that the boot loader on the laptop is locked. He says to go into BIOS and disable UEFI security. This will unlock the boot loader and let Asher install it.

If he installs Windows 7, though, he won't get the benefits of the touch screen on that laptop though. Leo advises to wait and in two months, Windows 8.1 will come out and it'll be far better. He also recommends in the meantime, go to StarDock and get the Start8 menu program for $5. It'll also let him change the look of the interface to look more like Windows 7 and pop up a list of apps just like Windows 7 would.