What's the best Windows based tablet for school?

Episode 995 (1:47:43)

Myra from Denver, CO

Myra is thinking of getting a Windows Tablet for school. Which one should she get, the Surface Pro or Surface RT?

Leo says that the RT isn't really a good option because it really isn't a Windows device, strictly speaking. Window Surface Pro is a full-on Windows tablet computer, so it works like a read PC. RT can work if her needs are basic. She should get the type cover, not the touch cover. RT comes with Microsoft Office, so that may be a good option if all she's doing is writing papers and doing email, etc. There's talk the RT will drop in price within a few weeks. She should also look at other brands like the Asus VivoTab.

But for the price of an RT, she can get a real laptop that's much more powerful and lets her run other Windows programs and then use an open source office suite. An ultrabook is a better option. She should Look at Lenovo, Asus, and Vizio.

It's important to note that the RT is not the same as a full Windows operating system.