Should I wait for a MacBook Air with Retina display?

Episode 995 (44:00)

Albert from West Covina, CA
MacBook Air

Albert is trying to decide between a MacBook Pro with Retina display and a MacBook Air. Leo says that Apple is probably waiting to refresh after they've released OS X Mavericks, which should be in a few months. Leo bought the 13" MacBook Air with the latest Haswell chip, and it's been amazing with the 12 hour battery life. That makes it an excellent selling point for someone like Albert who's out in the field a lot.

The only downside is the lack of a Retina screen. Then again, having a Retina screen will undo the battery life advances brought by Haswell. The irony is that the new MacBook Airs are slower than last year's models, but are still plenty fast enough. If speed is important to him, he should go with an i7. If battery life is key, go with an i5 and then just take the extra money and get a nice display to go with it.