Scott Wilkinson

Episode 995 (26:14)

Scott Wilkinson is back after a bout of being under the weather. Leo's looking forward to seeing Pacific Rim tonight and he's going to see it in 3D. Scott says unfortunately Leo will miss the Atmos presentation, which should be amazing but is only in selected theaters.

Meanwhile, Scott mourns the passing this week of Dr. Amar Bose, creator of the Bose corporation. Bose was one of the most beloved professors at MIT, and he started Bose because he realized that most sound was reflective, not direct. That led to the creation of one of the greatest speakers ever invented, the Bose 901. And although Scott is not really a fan of most Bose products, the Bose Noise Canceling headphones are fabulous. There's no denying the impact of Bose on the stereo industry.