Did I get the right home theater system?

Episode 995 (1:02:30)

Steve from Bakersfield, CA
PlayStation 3

Steve recently bought a home theater system with a sound bar, but recently he's been unhappy with the surround quality of it. Leo says that a sound bar can only simulate surround sound. There's no replacement for a good home theater system with a sub woofer.

Steve just ordered a "home theater in a box" which comes with a 5.1 surround system, receiver, and a smart blu-ray player. Steve also has a PS3, though. Leo says he would use the PS3 as the blu-ray player and just incorporate that into his home theater system.

HTIB (home theater in a box) is very convenient for people because it has everything you'd need, and is less expensive than buying all of the individual components. Leo has an Onkyo receiver on one system and a Denon receiver on another. He also really likes Emotiva speakers.