What Mac should I buy my son for college?

Episode 994 (1:00:32)

Oscar from Los Angeles, CA

Oscar's son is attending college in the Fall and wants to know which Mac he should buy him. Apple just updated the MacBook Air in June, but has not yet updated the MacBook Pro. Leo suspects Apple will update it before September, though. Oscar wanted to get the computer before that.

Leo's going with the 13" MacBook Air for his son Henry, but he also recommends contacting the college to see what they recommend, and if he can get a better deal through the school store. Usually you can. The school may also recommend not bringing a printer because they'll get printer privileges on campus, plus most professors will take email homework submissions.

Should he go with a 256GB SSD drive? Leo says sure, if he can afford it. It's really fast and the speed is worth it. Should he get a Thunderbolt 2 external hard drive? Leo says that he could, but they're pricey. Any USB 3 external hard drive would do.

Leo also recommends getting a Kensington Lock, as well as insurance on it. In fact, the student store probably has a good insurance plan that will replace the laptop if it gets lost or stolen.