How can I keep my laptop from overheating?

Episode 994 (41:51)

Max from Milpitas, CA

Max has a 13" Sony Vaio V series that has been freezing intermittently. He's isolated the application to Google Chrome. Leo says that Chrome is notorious for taking a lot of system resources, and Leo thinks the system could be overheating. Leo recommends trying Firefox until Chrome goes "on a diet", which Google is currently working on with their "Blink" project.

Leo also recommends making sure the interior of the laptop is clean and free of dust. It's also possible that the heat sync on top of the processor may have started to dry out and it's no longer transferring heat efficiently. Max should get a laptop fan, and there's also programs that would allow him to monitor the temperature of the processor. The chatroom recommends SpeedFan and HW Monitor from CPUID.