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Watch Lisa from Downey, CA Comments

Lisa has been using the Notepad app on her iPad, but the last few entries have disappeared.

Leo says that if Lisa has her iPad set up with iCloud, there's a chance that the notes have been backed up. She should go to Settings and tap "iCloud". If the Notes switch is set to on, then it's been backed up to iCloud. Although if she deleted the notes, then they would be deleted from iCloud too. If she hasn't set it to backup to iCloud, then chances are the notes are gone. She could backup her notes further by emailing the notes to herself.

Leo recommends using Evernote. It has a trashcan that she could recover notes from.

Watch Mark from Tustin, CA Comments

Mark has trouble watching TWiT netcasts on his iPad. He says the video works on his Mac, but not on his iPad. He's attempting to do this all through iTunes. Leo says it could be that there are versions of the video that aren't compatible with iPad.

He might want to try using InstaCast, instead of Apple's app. Mark could also try downloading different qualities to see if that works.

Meanwhile, Mark says a client of his has trouble with slow Wi-Fi on his iPad. Leo says that Apple has had issues with Wi-Fi on mobile devices. He should make sure they're updated and see if the signal improves without a case.

Watch Susan from Denver, CO Comments

Susan is blind, and in the market for a new smartphone now that her contract is up. She's been with Sprint, and is wondering whether to get the Samsung Galaxy SIV or the iPhone.

Leo says that many blind users say that the iPhone's accessibility features are superior, but he thinks that the Android accessibility is almost as good. Leo recommends having the salesman at the store show her the features. If she gets the Android phone and doesn't like it, she can always return it after a few days and go with the iPhone. The Galaxy SIV is a great phone though.

Watch Max from Milpitas, CA Comments

Max has a 13" Sony Vaio V series that has been freezing intermittently. He's isolated the application to Google Chrome. Leo says that Chrome is notorious for taking a lot of system resources, and Leo thinks the system could be overheating. Leo recommends trying Firefox until Chrome goes "on a diet", which Google is currently working on with their "Blink" project.

Leo also recommends making sure the interior of the laptop is clean and free of dust. It's also possible that the heat sync on top of the processor may have started to dry out and it's no longer transferring heat efficiently. Max should get a laptop fan, and there's also programs that would allow him to monitor the temperature of the processor. The chatroom recommends SpeedFan and HW Monitor from CPUID.

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Watch Gordon from Tarzana, CA Comments

Gordon has a BaoFeng UV5R+ ham radio, and it keeps displaying an error whenever he tries programming the radio through Windows. Leo says that less expensive ham radios don't have an ideal user interface to allow the user to troubleshoot easily. Leo suspects that the USB cable is broken, but he also suggests making sure the drivers for Windows are installed first.

The Chatroom says it's the "prolific driver" that's causing the connection. They recommend using Chirp on Windows to find it.

Watch Oscar from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Oscar's son is attending college in the Fall and wants to know which Mac he should buy him. Apple just updated the MacBook Air in June, but has not yet updated the MacBook Pro. Leo suspects Apple will update it before September, though. Oscar wanted to get the computer before that.

Leo's going with the 13" MacBook Air for his son Henry, but he also recommends contacting the college to see what they recommend, and if he can get a better deal through the school store. Usually you can. The school may also recommend not bringing a printer because they'll get printer privileges on campus, plus most professors will take email homework submissions.

Should he go with a 256GB SSD drive? Leo says sure, if he can afford it. It's really fast and the speed is worth it. Should he get a Thunderbolt 2 external hard drive? Leo says that he could, but they're pricey. Any USB 3 external hard drive would do.

Leo also recommends getting a Kensington Lock, as well as insurance on it. In fact, the student store probably has a good insurance plan that will replace the laptop if it gets lost or stolen.

Watch Dickey from Crystal River, FL Comments

Chris has a Canon 40D, and a Powershot pocket camera. He wants to move from Powerpoint slide shows to video movies that he can post of Facebook or Flickr. What programs could he use to make a video out of his still images?

Watch Tiffany from Anaheim, CA Comments

Tiffany says that on her tablet, she can't play Flash on some websites. Leo says that Flash doesn't work well on tablets and smartphones and while there are sites that still run it, they're missing out on half the traffic they could have. Google Play has a Flash player, but Adobe doesn't support it anymore and it's not very good. Video works on YouTube because YouTube has an HTML5 site for mobile devices.

Watch Hertha from Mission Hills, CA Comments

Hertha has been using WebTV for her email but it's shutting down, and she wants to know what she could use in its place. Leo says that Hertha could get an iPad and for the same monthly price, she could get 3G access. As far as her old emails, Leo says that Microsoft will likely transfer her account to Outlook.

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Watch Gary from Gary, IN Comments

Gary has an old laptop that constantly reboots when he turns it on. Leo says that it might not be a hardware problem. A simple reinstall of Windows should fix it. He should just get his old Windows discs out and boot to the CD.

If nothing comes up and it just reboots before it even gets to the Windows screen, it could be a BIOS issue. The bios battery may be dead and as such, the laptop has no reference for settings. It also may be just plain worn out. The power supply could be dying. He could try booting into the laptop without the battery, and just have it connected to AC power.

It's probably better to just buy a new computer. It's not worth fixing because for a bit more money, he could just get a new PC that's faster.

Watch Mark from Sacramento, CA Comments

Mark recently installed an automated home lighting system through Insteon that he can control with his smartphone, and it's been working fine. However, he recently became concerned when he realized he could get right into the web interface with no password just by browsing to that port. Leo says this sounds like an exploit and is the fault of Insteon. Leo advises emailing Insteon to notify them of this security hole. He should also keep this lighting controller up to date if they do release a fix.

Leo also says some third party router software like DD-WRT or Tomato may be more secure and even faster. He was thinking of getting an Apple Time Capsule, which could also be faster.

Watch Gary (Dr. Bird) from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Gary disagrees that the LCD is inaccurate on the back of a DSLR. The key is to look in a shaded area and get into the menu to adjust the LCD brightness. You can do a little bit of calibration by adjusting it while looking at the image on the computer. You can get pretty close matching the image. He also recommends adding a Delkin PopUp Shade to your viewfinder.

Check out Gary's photography of birds here.

Watch Jane from Anaheim, CA Comments

Jane is thinking of getting a "solar powered" phone. Leo says not to get it, it doesn't really work and takes way too long to charge. The solar panel is just too tiny. She could get a solar charger that she can charge her phone with. Leo got his son Henry a Goal Zero Charger. This will charge a battery and then she could use the battery power to charge up the phone.

Watch Trevor from Vancouver, BC CAN Comments

Trevor has 3.5 TB of data, mostly videos, that he needs to backup. He currently backs up to his Drobo FS. Leo says that the Drobo is a good option, and it can hold a lot of data.

However, Trevor has been using Time Machine, and it just frequently fails. Leo says Time Machine is for beginners, and is not very robust. For a power user like Trevor, Leo recommends ChronoSync.

Watch Newton from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Newton is visually impaired and the smallest font he can see is 34 point, and the Windows Magnifier isn't a very good solution. Leo says that the Mac has a better option for setting type size of the screen, etc. There are plenty of third party magnifier programs. Dell Assistive Technology services powered by EVAS may be an option.

Watch Grant from Granada Hills, CA Comments

Grant has an old computer with Windows XP and he got bit by a virus and lost Photoshop. He'd like to find a cheap photo editing solution to replace it.