What's the best budget laptop that could do video editing?

Episode 993 (1:56:44)

Jesse from Thousand Oaks, CA

Jesse is looking to get an Acer laptop. Leo says that Acer is a pretty good low cost option. She's looking to spend $1,000 and wants it to be scalable. Leo says that she can add memory and a larger hard drive, but that's about it. Laptops aren't usually upgradeable.

Leo says for $1,000 she could get an 11" MacBook Air, but that screen is tiny.

Leo then advises getting a laptop with the new Haswell chip because she'll get a lot of battery life with it. Leo would look at not only Acer but Asus, Dell and Lenovo. She'll want to look at business class laptops versus consumer computers. Make sure to get an i5 Chip (she won't need an i7) with 8GB memory and a solid state drive. SSD will be half as big, but twice as fast. If she's doing video editing, she can connect an external hard drive for storage.