What camera would be best for taking photos of quarter scale RC cars?

Episode 993 (1:18:36)

Carlos from Ft Lauderdale, FL

Carlos wants a camera that will be able to take photos of quarter scale RC cars that he's building. Leo says what he wants is a macro lens. This means he'll be shooting something at a 1 to 1 size, so if he's shooting something at a quarter scale, it will fill the screen. Many cameras have macro capabilities, even point-and-shoots. Lighting is tricky, and he'll want to use a mini tripod because it'll be hard to focus and hold steady in macro mode.

Carlos is wondering if the Canon PowerShot SX500 IS has a macro feature. Leo says he bets that it does, but he should go to dpreview.com. They review all the cameras and they have a nice table of capabilities. He's looking for 1 to 1 macro.

If he were to get an SLR, there are specialized macro lenses, but on Canon point-and-shoots there's a flower symbol that indicates the macro mode.