Johnny Jet and the SFO Plane Crash

Episode 993 (1:24:53)

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about the SFO crash and how Twitter (hashtag #sfo) is always the best place for breaking news. Johnny says it reminds him of the miracle on the Hudson where Captain Sullenberger managed to land his plane on the Hudson and saved most everyone safely. The same is true here, and it's really an amazing miracle. Johnny also recommends going to to find out flight delay information if you're traveling to or from SFO today. Sign up for flight alerts from you airline on Twitter, as well. Buzzfeed is also doing a pretty good job covering it as well. Leo says that they're working to become a serious news portal.

Johnny says the key to a plane crash like this is to get off the plane as soon as possible. Don't worry about your luggage or carry ons, just get out! Things can be replaced, you can't.