How can I get my journal back?

Episode 993 (2:09:54)

Barbara from Los Angeles, CA

Barbara had a loved one who was in the hospital and she would use her computer to write his journal with Microsoft Works. Now all the data is gone and she's very upset. She was able to retrieve it up to 2011. Leo says there has to be multiple backups of the document and if she found one, there could be another. This is the reason why it's vital to backup. It may be gone forever, sadly.

She should stop using the computer immediately, and take it into an expert to look for the .bps and .wds files. Make copies of them. Leo is confident it's there somewhere, but it's vital to go to a professional to recover it.

Also, if she saved to one file, that's asking for trouble. Backup and use multiple files for multiple entries. That'll protect what was written beforehand. The chatroom says that Works won't make a backup unless it is told to. Hopefully Barbara did.