What Mac should I buy for school?

Episode 992 (1:52:34)

Adam from Los Angeles, CA

Adam's son is heading to college. He has an old MacBook Pro, but it's falling apart and he needs a new one. Leo advises contacting the university, because they'll probably not only give him a better price than Apple, but they may also have a much better support package.

Leo says to wait until August 1st. The new Haswell chipset is out and Apple has already updated the MacBook Air with this. Apple may wait until September, but Leo says to wait until the last minute. If he can't wait, then he should get the current MacBook Air and a nice 27" screen to go with it for his dorm room.

Leo just got back from orientation at University of Colorado for his son, and they said that while it's 90% Mac, students can use either Mac or PC. They said not to bring a printer because they have printing on their network. Printing isn't something that's needed as much though, since students mostly submit things through email. They also require both Macs and PCs to have antivirus installed. If the computer doesn't have it, they would install it. He should call the school though, because these policies will differ.