Instagram 'Fruit Diet' Spammer Hacks User Accounts

Episode 992 (40:22)

If you saw tons of fruit pictures in your Instagram feed, it was because of a hack the prompted many users to change their passwords. While it's amusing to some degree, Leo thinks there could be more than meets the eye to this. It begs the question of how a fruit spammer could have gotten access to so many accounts in the first place.

This is a good reminder to create secure passwords, and make sure to use a different password for each site. This is important so that if a hacker does gain access to one of your accounts, they at least won't be able to get into all of your other sites as well. In fact, it's a very good idea to use a password manager such as LastPass, so that you'll be able to generate long, complex passwords and will only need to remember one.

Instagram comes under large-scale spam attack, prompts affected users to reset passwords (The Next Web)…