Scott Wilkinson

Episode 991 (30:59)

Scott is back from the HD Line Show in New York and the big news was nothing but Ultra HD (4K) displays. Scott says that he participated in roundtable discussions and the issue is about content. There's a serious lack of it at the moment. He also learned that the average screen size of TVs is increasing over time, which is good because to really appreciate the benefits of 4K, you need a large screen.

There are a lot of issues that still need to be resolved, such as: What will the color range be for UHD? What about dynamic range? Frame rates highers? How about how will it be transmitted or moved into the TV itself? Could Thunderbolt be an option? Can HDMI2 handle it? With TV manufacturers pushing forward, it's now up to content providers to produce content at 4K. Which should be relatively easy since most studios are now archiving their movies and TV shows at 4K. The real issue is post production workflow.

What was Scott's first computer? It was a TRS-80, or "Trash-80" and he used it as a terminal for a networked computer at school. His first real computer was the Mac 512 with 512 kb or RAM and an external floppy drive. And it was expensive!