Johnny Jet

Episode 991 (1:28:59)

Johnny Jet calls in from Germany, as he sails the Danube. He was recently in Africa and may have suffered from a small bout of Malaria while he was there, but he's much better now. He found an app called Urgent Care. It's free in the app store, and gives you not only free info, but will route your call to a registered nurse or doctor for $3.99 per call. That was his backup to Medjet, which is Medical air evacuation insurance should you get sick while traveling. $250 a year, or $350 for the family. Or, you can buy it by the trip for $100. Great for peace of mind.

Question of the day - should you wait until you get to the airport to check in? Johnny says to check in on the phone or via your airline website 24 hours beforehand to get the best chance for the seat you want. If you wait until you get to the airport, you're stuck with what's left.