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Watch Damian from Rancho Santa Marguerita, CA Comments

Damian has a netbook running Windows 8 and hates it. He's had it into repair several times. Leo says that since Damian has a computer that only costs a few hundred dollars, it isn't surprising that it would break often. It's the price vs. quality argument. Cheap computers have cheap components. That's why Leo advises getting a business class laptop for students.

Damian is also thinking of getting a new computer and since he has Apple everything but the computer, he's thinking of getting a Mac. Leo says that makes sense. Macs are business class, also, and are built to last. A base model MacBook Air is around $1,000 and it'll be well worth it down the road.

Watch Mike from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Mike needs an external battery so he can charge his Samsung Galaxy SIII. Leo uses the 5600 mAh Anker Astro, and he can get two charges out of it before it needs recharging. It's also small enough to fit in his pocket.

There are a couple of things to pay attention to when purchasing an external battery. One is the capacity, which is measured in Miliamp hours. This should at least be equal to the Miliamp hours of the phone's battery with a little overhead. The other thing is amperage. The more amps, the faster the charge. If he can find one with 2.1 amps, that would be ideal.

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Watch Dan from St. Petersberg, FL Comments

Dan has Windows 8 and wants to be able to start iTunes minimized. Leo says to right click on the app and select "properties". Then choose "open on startup" and look for a "start minimized" checkbox.

Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard upgraded to Windows 8, and now he can't find some of his data. Leo says it could be listed in the old windows folder, titled "windows.old". He should be able to restore from that.

Watch James from Van Nuys, CA Comments

James works in the film industry and is concerned that hard drives will be going away because of reliance on the cloud. He needs them for archiving purposes. Leo says that the cloud uses hard drives for storage. They may become more expensive, but they won't be going away anytime soon.

James also needs a cataloging program that will keep track of his DVD collection. Leo says that there are a lot of database collections that would keep track of his media. Leo likes Delicious Library. It looks good, and is easy to navigate and search. Another one is Collectorz. Both will also allow him to scan his DVD via the barcode and it'll populate the data for him with the cover image.

Watch Pat from Malibu, CA Comments

Pat has a Hotmail account and she's concerned that Microsoft is moving her to What concerns her is that everywhere she goes online, they know her email address and they put ads in her email. Leo says that's the curse of a free email account. So Pat will have to pay for email to avoid that. What about anti spam utilities? Leo says that also will scan her email for key words to block certain messages. Pat shouldn't fear that someone is reading her mail. The NSA is reading all of our mail anyway. It's all done electronically.

To avoid even that, Pat would have to encrypt her email to prevent it from being scanned. The NSA has said that is a red flag which will cause them to automatically store her activity though. The bottom line is, email isn't really private, but it mostly is because nobody is really reading her mail other than the person it's addressed to.

Microsoft offers Adfree accounts for a fee, but antispam still requires the email to get scanned. No need to worry, but understand that anything she does on the internet is potentially out in the open.

On the Mac, there's Gnu Privacy Guard, and TrueCrypt for PC. Encryption is really a hassle for everyday use, though.

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Watch Henry from Sun Valley, CA Comments

Henry needs a PBX system. Leo recommends Ring Central. It's powerful, all online, and can handle dozens of employees with individual phones or routing to cellphones. Leo says he gets very good results. He'll just have to have sufficient internet to handle it.

What phones should he get? Leo says that PolyComs are great and they have a deal right now, but one get one free for up to 20 phones.

Check out Henry's Costume Site at What You Want Productions.

(Disclaimer: RingCentral is an advertiser).

Watch Paul from Daytona Beach, CA Comments

Paul is thinking about getting a MacBook Pro because his eyesight is failing, and he thinks the Retina display may help. Leo says that the MacBook Pro is a great option, but so is the MacBook Air. With the new Haswell processor, it'll last a long time, is light and really fast. Either one will work, but if battery life and weight is an issue, the MacBook Air is the best.

Watch Steve from Chino Hills, CA Comments

Steve has a Samsung Galaxy S4, but he's having trouble with the external microSD card causing the phone not to see his images. Leo says that there's a bug in the camera firmware of the GS4, when it comes to saving to the SD card. Leo says there's a firmware upgrade that addresses the issue. Android and SD cards have always been a mixed bag, and a necessary evil. This is why Leo saves to internal storage and uploads directly to DropBox to backup.

Another option could be that the card is corrupted. He can try another one, but save locally and back up to the cloud until Samsung figures out what's wrong with that camera. Leo also installed the Google Experience Camera and gallery, which he can get from XDA Developers.