What Sound Bar should I get?

Episode 990 (2:03:47)

Greg from Placentia, CA

Greg wants to get a sound bar for his HDTV and wants to know which would be best to get. Powered or non powered? Leo says ultimately it doesn't really make a difference. Having said that, what Greg has to consider the "spousal acceptance factor." A powered sound bar gets it's power from the TV, while an unpowered sound bar will require a receiver to power it. So he should buy a powered sound bar.

Leo recommends the $700 Sonos Playbar. The $2500 Bose Sound Bar is awful. Sonos also has a system so he can listen to internet radio and more. It'll work with his TV remote control.

There are cheaper ones, but they're basically just a rack of speakers that are only marginally better then the TV speakers. Other good options include Polk Audio and Vizio.

Greg's other issue is the cords that have to hang down from the wall. He found something on AVSforum.com called the InstaOutlet. Leo says it's just a power splitter, and doesn't recommend buying it.