What laptop should I get for gaming and school?

Episode 990 (1:02:01)

Matthew from Carlsbad, CA
Lenovo laptop

Matt is 13 years old and now that school is out, he wants to get a good laptop for gaming and for school. His dad has given him a budget of under $1,000. Leo says that's a great budget and there's plenty of options. Gaming is challenging for laptops because of heat, performance, etc. There are gaming laptops, but they're often overpriced, heavy, and have poor battery life. Games like Half Life or Team Fortress are pretty demanding, so he'll want to get a laptop with a good graphics processing unit.

Razer makes a good super thin laptop with great processors and GPUs, but they're about $2,000. Alienware does have a 14" laptop for $1199, which is closer to the budget.

Leo says Matt would be better off not worrying about gaming so much when it comes to performance. Lenovo is Leo's first choice. Asus is also very good.

Look for one with an NVidia GPU, not Intel. He should get a 4th gen Core processor (that's the Haswell). Getting a 256 GB SSD drive is a good investment, as it's much faster. 4GB RAM should be sufficient, but if he has money left over, he should double that. He shouldn't worry about screen size, optical drives, or anything else. Keep it lean and mean.