How can I stop my computer from shutting itself down?

Episode 990 (33:49)

Xavier from Inland Empire, CA

Xavier's son has a problem with his computer shutting down after gaming on it for 10 minutes. Then, when he turns it back on, it never shuts down after that. Leo says that a PC usually shuts down when it's overheating. It's a really big deal when a computer shuts off. It won't be a driver or a crashed program, those things can crash the computer, but not shut it down. A shut down is designed to prevent overheating from causing damage. Could there be something running in the background that's doing it? Leo suggests rebooting before the game starts to clear out anything running in the background.

A power supply issue may also be causing it, so it may be worth replacing. He should update his motherboard BIOS as well. It's also important that he scan the hard drive for malware, which could also be causing issues. It could also be a firewall issue, so try running Firewall Fix It. ESET also has a services repair tool.

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