Should I buy the Intel NUC for Home Theater?

Episode 989 (27:59)

Robert from Kansas City, MO
Intel NUC

Robert wants to know more about the Intel NUC. Leo says it's an ultra compact PC that looks like a Roku box. It may even be designed for home theater computing. Leo also says that Intel designs ideas like the NUC, and then gets others to manufacture it. But in this case, they are actually making the kits. He can get them on Amazon, and there's a solid review of it on PC Perspective. There were several at Computex recently, also.

Would it be sufficient for home theater? Leo says that people are looking for silence in a home theater box and a computer is anything but quiet. Leo advises using Windows and a home theater media server like XBMC.

The nice thing about it is that it can be attached it to the back of a TV. It's still a DIY project right now, though. Robert would have to add stuff to make it work, such as RAM, storage, HDMI ports, wifi, and more. $288 is a bit pricey for something he would have to buy more stuff to make it work.

Another option is OUYA. It's a game console, but he can also run Plex on it and have a home theater PC for $100.

Robert also wants to thank Leo for Security Now episode #408 on the NSA. He said it was the best episode so far. Leo says that the show was two weeks ago, but that Steve Gibson nailed what's going on.