Sebastian Harrison

Episode 989 (58:19)

Sebastian Harrison of Cellular Abroad joins Leo to talk about using a smartphone abroad. Most of Leo's friends are geeks and care more about data than making phone calls. Sebastian says that carriers have more solutions that involve not using your service, than using it! Everyone has different needs, but for a smartphone, it makes sense to take out your SIM and use a local SIM which will give you $10 a GB. Leo asks if international roaming is the issue? Sebastian says yes, it is, and it's expensive. So if you're going to one country, get a local SIM.

If you're going to multiple countries, Sebastian says an international roaming SIM is the option, but it's not cheap at about $70 a GB. But you won't go over either. Mi-Fis are also a good thing to travel with. That way, you can use multiple devices, and they're more secure than borrowing the Wi-Fi hotspot at a local cafe. Do they have multi country MiFis? Sebastian says yes. And it's a lot less than International Data Roaming plans. Being proactive and understanding that if you don't plan ahead, you could be spending thousands is key.