Scott Wilkinson

Episode 989 (18:39)

Scott is going to a UHD conference this week called CE Week, and one of the questions emerging is that with 4K movies and 4K TVs being different, how will they deal with the extra pixels in the image? Scott says they'll do what they've always done, which is cut off 3% of the images on either side, or scale it in the TV. Leo says we've all accepted the concept of letter boxing, so why not do that? Scott prefers cropping which keeps the resolution as is. There's no standard, though. We don't even known what the compression spec will be. Leo says that we went through the same issues with SD to HD, and the lessons we learned from that could be applied here.

Leo also says that the tools for creating and editing 4K have been lagging as well. Scott agrees, save Sony, which has native 4K equipment, so every Sony movie is shown in native 4K.