What's the best way to take a backup of my Mac with me?

Episode 988 (28:00)

Andrea from Los Angeles, CA

Andrea is moving to Europe and is getting her Mac Mini ready by backing it up with Time Machine. She'd like to get an iPad and restore the data from her Mac to that. Leo says that won't work because they are two different platforms. A MacBook Air is a good solution, though. She wants to wait to buy a laptop until after she moves, though. She could just take the drive with all of her backed up data, and then just restore that to the Mac she gets in Germany. Leo suggests using SuperDuper though, and depending on how much data she has, imaging the drive of the current Mac to a USB thumb drive.

Another option is to use DropBox to back up her data to the Cloud, and then she doesn't need to bring anything along. She's also wondering about backing up her Android phone. Leo says that will be backed up automatically by Google if she's set it up to do so.