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Episode 988 June 16, 2013

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Audience Questions

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Watch Jeff from Spokane, WA Comments

Jeff is having problems with his favorites in Google Chrome. Leo says that a nice feature of Chrome is that it can sync everything in the browser, from links to themes. First, Jeff should make sure he doesn't have any other bookmark sync programs installed. Leo recommends going into the bookmarks manager on his main computer to clean it up. Then he should sync it again, but wait a little bit before using another computer.

If that doesn't clear it up, then he should export his 'cleaned up' bookmarks to an HTML file for backup. He can then delete the bookmarks on his other computers, and import that exported file into Chrome on all of the other computers that aren't syncing properly.

Watch Jeff from Spokane, WA Comments

Leo recommends imaging the drive of one of the computers and restoring that image on the others using SuperDuper. He should make an image of all of the drives in case something goes wrong with one of them.

Watch Andrea from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Andrea is moving to Europe and is getting her Mac Mini ready by backing it up with Time Machine. She'd like to get an iPad and restore the data from her Mac to that. Leo says that won't work because they are two different platforms. A MacBook Air is a good solution, though. She wants to wait to buy a laptop until after she moves, though. She could just take the drive with all of her backed up data, and then just restore that to the Mac she gets in Germany. Leo suggests using SuperDuper though, and depending on how much data she has, imaging the drive of the current Mac to a USB thumb drive.

Another option is to use DropBox to back up her data to the Cloud, and then she doesn't need to bring anything along. She's also wondering about backing up her Android phone. Leo says that will be backed up automatically by Google if she's set it up to do so.

Watch Steve from Mill Valley, CA Comments

Steve bought a new Acer computer and wanted to image it. His backup program Acronis True Image would see his backup drive, but not his internal laptop drive. He disabled "secure boot" and did a "legacy boot" but none of that helped. Leo says that's only for the bootable operating system. Leo suspects the reason the Acronis disk may not have worked is because it wasn't compatible with Windows 8. Steve says it didn't work with Windows 7 though, either.

Steve could look into some alternatives to Acronis:

Watch Larry from San Diego, CA Comments

Larry recently has had websites ask him security questions from some third party database. He's concerned because he's being asked these questions on sites that shouldn't have information on him already. Leo says that financial transactions and other personal information will be pulled by credit reporting agencies to verify you are who you say you are. Larry is concerned because of errors on his credit report, and worse, it gets people used to having their personal data as public information. Leo says it's always been public information, and that's what makes it a terrible foundation for security.

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Watch John from San Diego, CA Comments

John is a sports fan and he wants to be able to record live streaming sports online. Leo says that the idea behind streaming is that they don't want people to record it. He could always view or download it from them at a later date. There is a company called Applian that does just that, however. He'll want the Applian Replay Media Capture. He should download the free trial to make sure it works.

Watch Shelley from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Shelly is having trouble typing in her web browser. When she types, all different letters show up! Leo says that it's possible that she changed the keyboard mapping and that's what could be causing it.

The chatroom says that a malicious toolbar could be causing the issue. Leo recommends disabling all the toolbars she has, and restarting her system. Leo also suggests plugging in a different keyboard. If that doesn't change it, then it's definitely software. It's likely a virus that's embedded in the toolbar.

She could also try logging out of that user account and logging into another one. If she restarts Firefox in safe mode, that'll show her if there's something going on as well.

Watch Kiki from Portland, OR Comments

Kiki is a secretary for an organization, and needs to get a separate computer to manage it. She's using XP now, and she can get a good deal on a Windows 7 Dell machine. She's leery of Windows 8. She's wondering if she should just get the Windows 7 machine, or wait and go with Windows 8. Leo says that Windows 8.1 will be better in the fall, but there's no need to wait. Leo's office uses Windows 7. One thing to check out though is Microsoft Office 365. It's a subscription model with a low monthly cost that she can put on multiple machines. It's far more affordable than buying Office in a suite.

Watch Dennis from San Diego, CA Comments

Dennis is looking to get a new camcorder, but he wants to also shoot stills and doesn't want to carry around two cameras. Leo says that a still camera like the Nikon D3200 is a great option because he not only could take great images with lenses, but also shoot excellent 1080p HD videos.

Check out this Great Review at Even point and shoots take really good video now, and Leo thinks that camcorders will soon disappear as a result.

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Watch Shelby from Hacienda Heights, CA Comments

Shelley opened a strange link on her iPad and she's worried she got nailed by a phishing virus. Leo says no need to worry! An iPad can't get nailed by malware like that. It's not vulnerable. She should just make sure not to open it from a PC, and delete that email immediately! This is why an iPad is a great option for surfing and email.

Watch Joe from Sault Ste Marie, MI Comments

Joe is going to college to learn programming and wants to know what he can do to prepare for it. Leo says that Code Academy is a great place to learn the basics of programming. Leo also says that learning the Linux operating system will also give him a leg-up. Install Linux on an old computer and learn about the engine under the Linux hood.

Watch Neal from Anaheim, CA Comments

Yahoo! Mail is changing the design of the web interface, and Neal is having problems adjusting to it. He can choose the "basic" layout, but there will be no way to go back to the layout he's used to. Leo says that this new "purple" version of Yahoo! Mail is pretty good, however.

Neal could get a Microsoft Live Mail account at, and then get Yahoo PoP3 access to download his mail to the Live Mail desktop client. He can also create a Gmail account and then have GMail retrieve his Yahoo mail, and forward new mail to his Gmail account. Then he could use a desktop client such as Thunderbird. The point of this is to use a desktop client where the interface won't change on him, and has a more classic user interface.

Watch Sahm from Placentia, CA Comments

Sahm used to use an app called CrossOverTalk with Skype, but they got rid of it! Leo says that while CrossOverTalk was a fun app, Skype was bought from Microsoft and they wanted it to be more serious app. Leo recommends going to the HauntedSociety for information. The Chatroom says there's plenty of Android apps for it as well.

Watch Isaac from Orange County, CA Comments

Isaac runs an electronic waste and recycling company and he has 20 computers running XP and wants an alternative to Windows 7 to upgrade to. Leo says that XUbuntu is a great option that's just as powerful, but it's free and open source, which is great for older and slower computers. There's also Lubuntu. Isaac wonders about malware, though. Leo says that only 1% of the market uses Linux, so nobody is writing viruses for that. It's more secure, easier to use, and will run great.