I forgot the passcode to my iPhone. Is there another way I can get in?

Episode 987 (1:09:03)

Luce from Downey, CA

Luce has an iPhone, forgot the passcode, and now it's locked at the lock screen. Leo says that's happened to him. If it was set to erase the phone after 10 attempts, then she's lost the data. Hopefully the data hasn't been erased. If iCloud was turned on, then the data will be backed up.

Leo advises going to the Apple Store to beg for help. Apple may not want to help because they won't know if she's malicious or not. If she can prove it's hers, then they may be willing. If there's a way, the genius should know.

The chatroom offers this technote on if a device is disabled after entering wrong passcode. It outlines connecting to iTunes, enter the correct passcode, and see if iTunes unlocks it.