Chris Marquardt

Episode 986 (1:22:49)

Leo is getting his son Henry a camera for graduation and may get him a micro 4/3s camera the Sony NEX. Chris says that mft has a great lens ecosystem. But Leo also says that his full frame camera gives him great depth of field and bokeh that he doens't think mft can give. Chris says there are ways around that.

Today's myth is that you need a tripod to get rid of camera shake. Chris says that some people don't have to deal with camera shake, and some do. There are tiny things you can do to make your shots more steady.

  1. How you stand makes a difference. Keep both feet on the ground.
  2. Where you have your hands.
  3. How you hold your camera - keep it close your body.
  4. You can always use the "poor man's tripod": This is where you have a screw into your tripod mount that's attached to a sting. The string goes to the ground, wrapped around a large washer or looped so you can step on it. Pull taught and you have an extra point of contact.
  5. Monopods could work.
  6. Lean against something with your elbow and use that as your point of stability.
  7. The wider lens you have, the more you can get away with. By contrast, the longer the lens, the more camera shake is obvious.