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Watch Dana from Rancho Cuca Monga, CA Comments

Dana just got her first computer and broadband, but she doesn't know how to use it at all. She's concerned about security. Leo says that any security is better than no security and Dana should have WPA2 set on her router. She should also make sure that her OS is constantly updated.

She should also be careful not to be fooled with social engineering. Frequently, hackers will trick the user by emailing them a message such as "check out this video of you from last night". Then when the user clicks that link, it takes them to a page that looks like YouTube, but actually isn't. When they try to play the video, it will say they need a new version of Flash, and the user would click to "update" it. They actually are getting the users to infect their own computers this way.

Another common scam is a phone call from "Microsoft Tech Support". They will say they've noticed strange data and the user's computer has been corrupted. That's another scam. Having good anti virus software such as ESET's Nod32 or Microsoft Security Essentials always helps, but it may not keep her safe when it comes to the social engineering scams.

(Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor).

Watch Mike from Agnes, TX Comments

Mike uses a password manager and when he uses it to go to a secure site, he wants to know if the data can be read by anyone else. Leo says no, unless there's a keystroke logger or malware installed. He would be the last line of defense though, and his online behavior can circumvent anything. No security option is fool proof if he is tricked by a hacker to install malware. He should make sure to keep his software and operating system updated so the exploits are secured.

Watch Ken from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Ken was streaming video on an older laptop linked to his TV, and the TV gave up the ghost. His new TV has no VGA port. Is there a USB to HDMI converter? Leo says yes, it's an analog converter, but it works. The quality won't be as good and USB isn't all that fast for super high resolution. How can it do that if it's bypassing the video card? Leo says it's done with onboard software. But Leo says that getting a Roku Box and going straight to HDMI is far better and the quality will be all digital.

Watch Karen from Johnston, RI Comments

Karen has been running her PC without an AVS and could install McAffee or Norton. Leo says he hates both of them, passionately! Since Karen doesn't have much money for this, Microsoft offers an excellent free option called Microsoft Security Essentials which will do the job quite nicely. She should install that, keep Windows up to date along with her browser and other software. Then all she really has to worry about is her activity online. She should also be careful not to fall for the tricks, even if they seem to be from a friend.

Leo recommends Google Chrome or Firefox as a browser. Also, Chrome has the benefit of automatically updating Flash because it's built in.

Watch Mike from Jefferson City, CA Comments

Mike has a bunch of reel to reel IBM data tapes, and wants to effectively destroy them. Leo says at first, degause the reels with a strong electro magnet. Then, destroy it by shredding it. Then throw it away in different locations.

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Watch Alem from Montreal, Quebec CAN Comments

Alem and a friend in the US have created a product they want to sell online. Leo says that shipping to other countries will involve tariffs and taxes. So it's important to fulfill in country. Leo says that Amazon does fullfillment and they specialize on small businesses and can handle overseas shipping as well. If it's a tech product, there's also NewEgg. Both handle fullfillment for small businesses.

Watch Samson from California Comments

Samson needs to get a laptop for school and wants to know what laptop is best for under $500. Leo says that he can, but under $700 or 800 would be better. Leo recommends Dell, but if he's price sensitive, Acer makes some good laptops for the money.

The Chatroom says the Lenovo Thinkpad Twist is a good option under $500. There's also the Acer VivoTab. He can also save money buying refurbished.

Watch Fred from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Fred would like to know the cheapest way to promote his band's website. Leo says giving away music is a great option. Participate on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. SoundCloud is a great social sharing site for music. Giving away music builds a fan base and that should be job one. If he can build a fanbase of 1,000 fans, they'll take care of the rest and he can then begin to sell his music online.

Check out how others are doing it. Like Umphreys McGee, who gave away their music and did cool things like set up fans to be able to listen to the raw feed from the sound board, selling concert shows on USB keys, and other out of the box options. He should start with SoundCloud though.

Watch Mark from Alabama Comments

Mark is a trucker and when he gets to a truck stop, he sometimes gets a lousy signal. Leo says that congestion is probably Mark's biggest hurdle. Absent that, if he can't pick it up at all, Leo recommends going over to They specialize in high power antennas that can pick up a Wi-Fi signal better. CCrane also makes some Wi-Fi antennas. There's also the Yagi plug and play from Amazon. Mark needs to learn the ins and outs and can teach him those.

Watch Mark from Alabama Comments

Mark is frustrated that his icons on his laptop keep moving around after he gets them set up how he wants. Leo says if he's attached a monitor at some point, that'll happen. He suspects that the preferences in Mark's account is corrupt. He suggests creating a new profile and logging into it. If the same thing happens again, then Mark knows that the preferences are corrupt and there may be other issues as well. It may need to have Windows repaired from the install disk.

If he's feeling bold, here's a registry edit that could help.

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Watch Cheryl from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Cheryl has a new computer and she can't run Windows update. Leo says that chances are there's an update that's stuck and it's preventing the updates to continue. It happens a lot. Here's a Technote from Microsoft that she can read, and it has several things to try to resolve the issue.

Watch Dan from Virginia Comments

Dan has an HTC One phone that suddenly died. He needs to return it to AT&T to be replaced and he's concerned about how his private data will be handled. Leo says who knows? They can pull things off of it, even if it's broken. In reality, they'll just destroy it and move on. Unless Dan is a "person of interest" by the FBI, AT&T doesn't care. They'll just destroy it since it's dead.

Watch Don from Virginia Comments

Don and his brother have the same printer and Don has non stop driver issues with it. HP has given him another model, but he's learned that Windows update may be at fault for corrupted drivers for a wide variety of printers. Leo's never heard it and doesn't buy it. In fact, HP hasn't been a great printer company for a long time. It's possible that drivers could have gotten screwed up, but it's very common for companies to pass the buck and blame someone else for their problems.

Leo also thinks that Don's problem is that the print spool file is getting corrupted in Windows and that's fairly common with older versions of Windows. He recommends upgrading to a newer version of Windows. That usually solves the issue.

Watch Jeff from Marino Valley, CA Comments

Jeff would like to upgrade his hard drive and RAM in his Mac Pro, and is wondering if it's okay to use third party hard drives and RAM. Leo says sure, they're essentially PCs, but occasionally one may run into issues with needing dongles or drivers. Leo recommends buying things from, especially RAM.

Jeff says he also doesn't see all of his RAM, and Leo says that could be due to the age of the Mac. He should check out to look up details of what he can get for his model Mac Pro.

Check out Jeff's youtube channel at

Watch Chris from Kentucky Comments

Chris wants to know if he really needs to deal with Flash for streaming video. Leo says no. Thanks to Apple taking a stand against it, Flash has started it's painful death. Not even Adobe is going to support it very much longer. If he's on YouTube, he can go to and opt out of using Flash. As time goes on, more and more sites for video are adopting the HTML5 standard.