What's the best domain extension?

Episode 985 (2:02:28)

David from New York, NY

David is writing a book that he plans to self publish. Leo says to make sure he has a website for the book and a key domain name is important. David wonders what he should do if the domain name for the title is already taken. Leo says that adding "thebook" to the URL is OK. He's wondering if ".TV" is worth considering. Leo says no, and it confuses people. It makes sense if he's doing video, or .am for radio. Any other use for those domains is just confusing. His first choice should be ".com", with ".net" being a close second. He also doesn't need to buy all domain extensions unless he's concerned about squatters.

Leo also recommends the APE Book Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, by Kawasaki and Welch.