Is PRISM really all that effective?

Episode 985 (55:40)

Lane from Signal Hill, CA

Lane listens to a lot of conservative talk radio and he hears a lot of outrage over the PRISM story. What he finds interesting is who's 'ox is being gored'. It's not everyone. It's been a one-sided focus. Leo says even so, there are ways you can encrypt your data and secure yourself. The question is, will encrypting your data and securing yourself actually be a red flag?

The best thing is to assume that when you're online, you're public. Leo also wonders about the effectiveness of all this. Smart bad guys can work around this. The stupid bad guys will be caught regardless. At the end of the day, he says that the real effect of 911 has been the fear that it's brought upon this nation. The government took advantage of it when we asked them to protect us.