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Watch Lane from Signal Hill, CA Comments

Lane listens to a lot of conservative talk radio and he hears a lot of outrage over the PRISM story. What he finds interesting is who's 'ox is being gored'. It's not everyone. It's been a one-sided focus. Leo says even so, there are ways you can encrypt your data and secure yourself. The question is, will encrypting your data and securing yourself actually be a red flag?

The best thing is to assume that when you're online, you're public. Leo also wonders about the effectiveness of all this. Smart bad guys can work around this. The stupid bad guys will be caught regardless. At the end of the day, he says that the real effect of 911 has been the fear that it's brought upon this nation. The government took advantage of it when we asked them to protect us.

Watch Kevin from Lake Elsinore, CA Comments

Kevin would like to have a time limit for his kids on the iPad. Leo says that there's no way to set a time limit on the actual iPad, but he can enable parental controls to limit his kid's activity. He could also set up a time limit restriction through his router. It also has access controls. He can find the MAC addresses and block them. He should look in the router under 'access control lists' and he can block machines by times, in addition to blocking content. Another good way to do this is by using

The chatroom also says that Time Lock is an app for the iPhone and iPad that will enable the user to lock down an iOS mobile device by time. It costs just $0.99 and it's ideal for what Kevin needs.

Watch Glenn from Alexander, LA Comments

Glenn has indoor digital antennas and he says they just don't do a good enough job. He wants to try larger aerial antennas on the roof. Leo says that location could be the issue. He recommends going to AntennaWeb. More and more people are getting their over the air channels on the internet, though. So if he has good internet access, he can go that route. Aereo is a service that takes advantage of that to show live TV, most of the country is now on cable or satellite.

Watch Monday from California Comments

Monday is starting a new wedding website and wants to have advertising, but has no clue what to charge. Leo says not to do it herself. She should start with Google AdSense. They'll take 45% of the ad revenue, but they do all the work, too. Once the site gets serious traffic, then she can go out and start selling ads herself. She shouldn't quit her day job yet though, it won't be a lot of money. Cost per click is far more lucrative than impressions. It's easiest to sell a monthly flat rate, especially with a new site.

Watch Lillian from Solvang, CA Comments

Lillian put her iPhone 4S through the washer by mistake. She dried it out in rice and most functions have come back, but she wants to know what else she can do to get it all working again. Leo says that Apple will know if the phone got wet, so she shouldn't deny it. There are third party iPhone repair companies that can repair her phone. A good technician can fix it. The real key is to shut down the phone immediately and then dry it out in rice for well over a week or more. Go into Apple and see what they'll be able to do. They will likely charge her $200 for a replacement.

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Watch Andrew from Dayton, OH Comments

Andrew first has a couple of things to say on the PRISM subject. Andrew says it's not that the government has been doing this, he's seen it for years. It's that they've been so secret about it. Leo calls it a lack of transparency, and that means there hasn't been a debate over it. He also says that the US isn't stopping with its citizens. In fact, Glenn Greenwald says that Boundless Informant is a program that seeks to filter the entire world's communications!

Watch Andrew from Dayton, OH Comments

Andrew wants to get WiFi to all corners of his house. Leo says that's a non-trivial effort. He advises using WDS and repeaters. WDS stands for 'Wireless Distribution System' and is a standard spec devised to do just that. He'll need repeaters everywhere to extend the signal. It helps to have the same brand repeater/extender as the router he uses. Andrew says one wireless access point isn't getting a reliable connection. Leo says it's because it's weak. So putting a repeater about halfway would be a good idea. Leo recommends using a Wi-Fi analyzer utility to see which channels are best. If he's on a Mac, he can try NetSpot. EkaHau is a Windows alternative.

He could also look into just wiring up his house, which would provide a more reliable and faster connection.

The next caller recommends getting another router and using it in access point mode. Also, getting a dedicated access point is a better option.

Watch Tiss from Redding, CA Comments

Tiss is having trouble getting cell reception in her house. Leo says that a FemToCell or MicroCell will help. It's like a mini cell repeater site in the house that she would connect via her internet. She should call her wireless company and tell them she's returning the phone unless they give her one. They do sell them, but they might give it to her if she says she'll leave.

Watch Richard from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Richard wants to know about cloning his hard drive. He backs up religiously, but his concern is that it doesn't back up his computer's setup the way he wants it. Leo says that's exactly what cloning is for. He doesn't have to clone all of his data, though. A disc imaging program is part of an overall backup strategy, but he can focus on how the computer is configured. It'll clone everything, including data, so he could partition the drive or put his actual data on a separate drive. Then he can clone one partition or drive and skip the data, which he would have backed up elsewhere. There are a few options for this:

He should remember that when he recovers that image, it'll need to be updated and re-imaged. He doesn't need to clone the drive all the time, though, just after major changes.

Watch David from New York, NY Comments

David is writing a book that he plans to self publish. Leo says to make sure he has a website for the book and a key domain name is important. David wonders what he should do if the domain name for the title is already taken. Leo says that adding "thebook" to the URL is OK. He's wondering if ".TV" is worth considering. Leo says no, and it confuses people. It makes sense if he's doing video, or .am for radio. Any other use for those domains is just confusing. His first choice should be ".com", with ".net" being a close second. He also doesn't need to buy all domain extensions unless he's concerned about squatters.

Leo also recommends the APE Book Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, by Kawasaki and Welch.