What advice do you have in buying a computer and printer?

Episode 984 (1:38:33)

LaVerne from Florida
Lenovo IdeaPad

LaVerne is ready to buy a new computer and printer and would like to know what Leo recommends. Leo says that if Laverne wants a laptop, then she should wait a few months until the new Haswell processors come out. Battery life will be doubled once that happens. She'll want to look for a 4th generation, Intel processor.

On desktops, there's really no need to wait and he recommends an i5 processor for most people. 4GB of RAM is the minimum, but no more than 8GB is really needed.

Leo prefers Solid State Drives as opposed to hard drives if she can afford it. Some are putting out hybrid drives which mixes a smaller SSD drive with a spinning hard drive, but Leo says an SSD is the best way to go. She could save money by getting a smaller SSD and then getting a second spinning drive for Data.

As for the monitor, she should get the biggest screen she can afford, and maybe even use two screens for more "real estate." If she plans to get a laptop, go for higher resolution over screen size. 1920x1080 or retina screens are best.

The brands she should consider are Lenovo, Dell, or Asus.

As for printers, Leo says there are a lot of choices. He prefers wireless printers because she could put it anywhere and anyone could print to it. Epson's Artisan printers are great for that. Laser printers are great for business, whereas Deskjet printers are best for photos.