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Episode 984 June 2, 2013

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Michael from Glasgow, KY Comments

Michael has been buying movies from iTunes, but he can't play them on the Roku streaming. Leo says unlike music from iTunes, movies and TV shows are still burdened with copy protection, and are only allowed to play on Apple devices. This is one of the reasons why Leo tends to stream movies from Netflix, rather than download them. Amazon is another option if he's a Prime member because movies and TV episodes are streamed freely.

Leo also says there's a great app called FanTV, which does a cross platform search so he isn't limited by platform. FanTV is coming up with its own streaming box too, if it can get deals with content providers. CanIStreamItis another good source to search for streaming shows.

Leo also says that content providers really have to make their content easier to find, obtain, and watch. It's that simple.

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George has been having trouble streaming the Tech Guy through the iPad with Ustream. Leo says that's because Ustream uses Flash. If he prefers to watch from the browser, it could be that UStream's HLS Streamer was down. There is a TWiT App that works, but Leo can't do anything about third party sites like Ustream not working.

Watch Trish from Chino Hills, CA Comments

Trish's keyboard seems to randomly type letters and numbers when she's not touching it. Leo suspects the keyboard could have shorted out or the USB port it's plugged into is shorting out. She should try a different keyboard. If that doesn't fix it, then that would point to a different problem. Leo also suspects that the computer may still be paired to the wireless keyboard and her daughter is playing with it, causing the issue!

Watch Henry from Santa Rosa, CA Comments

Henry would like to get into app development for the iPad. Leo says that's a great thing to get into. Realmac makes a good cross-platform programming environment. Phonegap and Worklight are other options. He'll really need a Mac in order to use the Apple Software Development Kit, though. Leo says the best development tool to use is XCode.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Neil has bought his own domain using Hover, and wants to use the email address that comes with it. Leo says all he has to do is purchase the email forwarding from Hover for $5 a year, and have all of his mail forwarded to his free gmail account. He can also set it up to sync with Outlook. Then he can set up Outlook to use the custom domain address as the return address. Gmail has an option that will do this too, which is called "mail delegation".

(Disclaimer: Hover is a sponsor).

Watch Dominic from Vancouver, CAN Comments

Dom is looking for a good low cost Android tablet running Android Key Lime Pie. Leo says that the next Android update will just be an updated version of 4.3 Jelly Bean. Nobody knows when Key Lime Pie will be out, and there's really no need to wait for it. If he wants to get an Android tablet like the Google Nexus 7, go for it. Although the Nexus 7 hasn't been updated. Leo says he's surprised it wasn't during Google I/O, but he suspects there will be a new version out soon.

Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard has a Motorola Droid Razr which has a movie on it, and he'd like to get that file from it. Leo says to go to Google Play and get an app called AirDroid. He can then access the file via Wi-Fi and move it over.

Watch Andy from Tacoma, WA Comments

Andy has a Windows Phone that he really loves, but when it comes to cloud usage, is his information still owned by him? Leo says yes, always. Blogs anxious to get clicks are freaking people out with doom and gloom scenarios, but that doesn't mean it's accurate. The rights that cloud hosts assert are merely for transmitting his data where it needs to go. It's understandable, Leo says, that people are concerned when they read the legalese, but he'll always own his information.

There's always a risk that his data could be accidentally exposed or that third party cloud services could be required to hand over information without a warrant. Leo says that the US government is overreaching with it.

Watch LaVerne from Florida Comments

LaVerne is ready to buy a new computer and printer and would like to know what Leo recommends. Leo says that if Laverne wants a laptop, then she should wait a few months until the new Haswell processors come out. Battery life will be doubled once that happens. She'll want to look for a 4th generation, Intel processor.

On desktops, there's really no need to wait and he recommends an i5 processor for most people. 4GB of RAM is the minimum, but no more than 8GB is really needed.

Leo prefers Solid State Drives as opposed to hard drives if she can afford it. Some are putting out hybrid drives which mixes a smaller SSD drive with a spinning hard drive, but Leo says an SSD is the best way to go. She could save money by getting a smaller SSD and then getting a second spinning drive for Data.

As for the monitor, she should get the biggest screen she can afford, and maybe even use two screens for more "real estate." If she plans to get a laptop, go for higher resolution over screen size. 1920x1080 or retina screens are best.

The brands she should consider are Lenovo, Dell, or Asus.

As for printers, Leo says there are a lot of choices. He prefers wireless printers because she could put it anywhere and anyone could print to it. Epson's Artisan printers are great for that. Laser printers are great for business, whereas Deskjet printers are best for photos.

Watch Richard from Youngstown, OH Comments

Richard recently bought a Sonos player, but he's having issues connecting it to his Time Capsule. Leo says that Time Capsule is great for Apple products, but with third party hardware it gets complicated. Sonos has a good technote for it here.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Janet from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Janet has a blog on Blogger and the URL is really long. She'd like to change the URL (, but she's worried she'll lose views by changing the name. Leo says that Janet should go into the domain management settings in blogger and have a custom domain name forward to the Blogspot site. It's called domain redirection and it shouldn't affect her Google ranking.

How can she make money on her site? Leo suggests using Google AdSense right away. Check out the book "Google AdSense Secrets" too.

Watch Matthew from France Comments

Matthew built his own PC, but he's having issues with it. Leo says one of the problems with building his own computer is that he doesn't have anyone to turn to for support when something goes wrong. Matthew has been overclocking his PC and he suspects issues with the power supply. Leo says that power supply's are cheap and it sounds like it's just failing. Replacing it is easy and affordable. They are easy enough to pull out, but he should make sure he gets the right power supply that has the proper connections.

Watch Joe from San Dimas, CA Comments

Sam just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S Blaze via T-Mobile. He is thinking about trading it in for the iPhone, but is wondering if it's worth making the switch. Leo says that it depends on how much Sam wants an iPhone. The Blaze doesn't have a lot of storage (16GB) but he can put a microSD card in it. The iPhone he would get from T-Mobile is also a 16GB, but he wouldn't be able to expand that. However, with T-Mobile he'd get unlimited data so he may not need much storage.

Another thing to consider is that the iPhone will probably get updated soon, so it may be wise to wait a few months for the next one.

Watch Mark from Canoga Park, CA Comments

Mark wants to know what anti virus software to use, and is wondering if Avast is any good. Leo says that Avast is "freemium," which means he can use it for free or pay for more functions. Leo doesn't recommend it. For free, he recommends Microsoft Security Essentials. If he doesn't mind laying out a few bucks, Eset's Nod32 is the best.

(Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor)

Watch Tom from Irvine, CA Comments

Tom has an old Firewire Sony HD camcorder, but his PC has USB only. Is there an adapter he can use? Leo says he wouldn't want to do that. USB isn't fast enough. He should buy a Firewire card for his PC, and then he can import the video at full speed and full quality. The other way to go is to get an analog to digital converter like the Grass Valley AVDC110, but it'll degrade the video quality.

If his PC has USB3, however, then that's a good choice and there are USB3-firewire connectors.

Watch Savara from Oslo, Norway Comments

Savara wants to set up a home studio. So far he bought a Canon 5D Mk. II, lights, and a mic in order to start a video podcast. He's wondering if he could use that camera for streaming live video. Leo wouldn't advise that, though. The problem is that DSLRs shut down after about 29 minutes, so for long form shooting, Leo recommends the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. It's the same price as the Canon 5D Mk. III, and he doesn't have to change lenses either. The Canon Vixia GF20 is what Leo uses in studio

He's planning to do a video podcast. Leo says that in new media, there's no barrier to entry anymore. But can he use it for live video? Leo wouldn't advise it. The problem is that DSLRs shut down after about 29 minutes. So for longer recording, Leo recommends the BlackMagic Cinema Camera for the same price, and he wouldn't have to change lenses either. The Canon Vixia GF20 is what Leo uses in studio.

Watch Brian from San Juan Capistrano, CA Comments

Brian wants to know what the best phone service is, AT&T or Sprint? Leo says it just depends on the area he lives in. On average, AT&T is the fastest with Sprint being a weak fourth. Leo advises asking friends and neighbors what they use and if they like it. Sprint has unlimited data, but Leo still prefers AT&T.