What's the best powerpoint projector?

Episode 983 (1:12:15)

Michael from Laurel, MD
Epson PowerLite Projector

Michael is a hypnotist who needs a good video projector for a conference he's speaking at. He wants to know what would work with both laptops and tablets. Leo says that Epson is one of his favorites. Michael will also need an MHL adapter to move from the tablet to the projector. Michael needs to be mindful of the projector's "throw," or how far it can project. Then there's the Lumens (the brightness). The darker the room the better. Epson has a projector finder which helps to find a projector based on information about the room. Avoid PICO projectors. They're ultra portable, but very dim.

Leo also says that an LCD projector is ideal. The Epson Powerlite S11 would be great for $399.