What's the best low budget laptop for a student?

Episode 983 (57:30)

Elizabeth from Lakewood, CA

Elizabeth just graduated from JR. High school and would like to get a laptop. Her budget is $600.

Leo says that a Chromebook is great because they're only around $250. It runs the Chrome OS, which is essentially a browser, and then she would use Google Docs to do all of her work and the browser to surf the net. It's a good budget option for a student. Macs are too expensive, sadly, with the cheapest Mac being $999.

Windows, on the other hand, has several options in that price point including Asus, Acer, and even Lenovo. In fact, Leo says that for Elizabeth, a Lenovo Yoga may be a great option, because she'd have a laptop and a tablet all in one. It runs Windows RT which comes with a free copy of Microsoft Office.

Before she buys, it's probably a good idea to contact her school and see what requirements they may have. If she's taking courses that require Windows, then a Chromebook really wouldn't help.