Scott Wilkinson

Episode 983 (23:50)

Scott Wilkinson says that the average lifespan for a TV, whether due to failure or users just wanting the next best thing, is about 5 years. With the current pace in the development of the state of the art, people are moving on. Scott doesn't recommend extended warranties in general. Electronics are either going to fail right away, or after a long time. Leo says that extended warranties are a profit center.

Scott also says that because of decreasing profit margins, and losing market share to Korean electronics firm, Japanese companies like Sony are really struggling.

Scott also went to a screening of Man of Steel last night and the soundtrack is being released in Dolby 11.1 and Headphone X. Headphone X takes a multi channel surround sound mix up to 11 channels and pushes it through headphones, making it sound like surround sound. It's amazing. And they'll be releasing an app for mobile devices that can play soundtracks recorded in it. So far, it's only Man of Steel, but that'll change.