Is there a way to avoid being throttled on an unlimited data plan?

Episode 982 (1:00:50)

Benjamin from Los Angeles, CA

Benjamin is a trucker and would like to be able to stream video from his mobile hotspot. Leo says that would be great, but video gets throttled or cut off after reaching the data cap. Even "unlimited" plans are limited by throttling after 5-10 GB.

Leo was assured T-Mobile doesn't throttle, but Ben says he gets throttled every month. Leo suggests checking Sprint. Sprint is starting to roll out LTE and if his MiFi supports LTE, it could work great. It's possible that the phone may be the weak link in the chain. Talk to Sprint about a new one. If he gets one with hotspot capability, he wouldn't need the Mi-Fi.

The chatroom says the hotspot feature on Sprint is not unlimited. Truck stops often have WiFi, but every trucker uses it and that's almost as bad as being throttled.