Is it true that Xbox One has more than one operating system?

Episode 982 (1:16:29)

Matthew from Charlotte, NC

Matthew hears that the XBox One has more than one operating system. Leo says it actually has three! Under the hood, it has the central core of Windows 8. On top of that is Microsoft's HyperV, which switches in context. Lastly, there's the gaming interface for XBox. Leo says it's not really three separate operating systems so much as different user interfaces. The interesting thing is that Microsoft is using the Windows 8 kernel (even though they refuse to call it that), and Leo says it's going to be a very powerful PC with a gaming system on top of it.

Matthew wonders if Windows 9 will turn a PC into an XBox. Leo says that would be very interesting. Steam already does that. Valve, the makers of Steam, will be creating a Valve Box, which will be a PC dedicated to running Steam, making it another contender in the gaming console wars.