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Episode 982 May 26, 2013

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Deon from Los Angeles, Ca Comments

Deon has a business with a website, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. He's wondering how to coordinate all of it. Leo says that Deon is doing the right thing by starting with a website. He needs to be where his customers are, though. So, if they're on Facebook, he should be on Facebook. He can use it as a place to post pictures and news. He should also give value to the posts, such as tips and tricks. He may want to also look into using Pinterest, and even possibly Flickr.

It's also important to be clear about what his business is, through something like a mission statement. He can put 'Like' buttons right on the first page of his site.

Leo suggests getting into various communities and engaging potential customers. Spend time in forums and groups, and comment, like, and be active.

Check out Deon's website

Watch Nathan from Fort Collins, CO Comments

Nathan and his friends want to build a website that embeds games via HTML5. Leo says to do this, he'll also need to learn javascript and CSS, with some additional javascript frameworks like JQuery and node.js. This is great stuff to learn, says Leo. He can put these things anywhere, but he'll want to have a site that will allow him to modify and post Javascript on it. He'll most likely end up using github for working on these projects.

Leo suggests looking at Blogger and He should also look at Google's Code Engine, which would allow him to save his apps and then embed them. It's like Google Docs for programming.

He can also spend time looking at the free tutorials at Some other great sites include,, and There's a great spreadsheet of Javascript Frameworks on Wikipedia.

Watch Cindy from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Cindy was given a Verizon iPhone 4S, and wants to know if she can use it on T-Mobile. She's been told she can pay to swap the chip out. Leo says no, that won't work. T-Mobile is a GSM based carrier, and Verizon is CDMA. The iPhone 5 actually does have both GSM and CDMA radios, so it would be able to work on T-Mobile.

The issue may just be that it's locked to Verizon. Leo recommends getting Verizon to unlock it. According to the chatroom, T-Mobile's site says it won't work unless she were to jailbreak it. Once she jailbreaks the phone, she can't update it until the update gets jailbroken. So Leo recommends updating it before she actually jailbreaks it. Once it's jailbroken, she should be able to put a T-Mobile SIM in it and it should work.

Leo wonders why she would do that though when she could sell that iPhone 4S to Gazelle and use the money to get the right phone.

(Disclaimer: Gazelle is a sponsor).

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Benjamin from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Benjamin is a trucker and would like to be able to stream video from his mobile hotspot. Leo says that would be great, but video gets throttled or cut off after reaching the data cap. Even "unlimited" plans are limited by throttling after 5-10 GB.

Leo was assured T-Mobile doesn't throttle, but Ben says he gets throttled every month. Leo suggests checking Sprint. Sprint is starting to roll out LTE and if his MiFi supports LTE, it could work great. It's possible that the phone may be the weak link in the chain. Talk to Sprint about a new one. If he gets one with hotspot capability, he wouldn't need the Mi-Fi.

The chatroom says the hotspot feature on Sprint is not unlimited. Truck stops often have WiFi, but every trucker uses it and that's almost as bad as being throttled.

Watch Matthew from Charlotte, NC Comments

Matthew hears that the XBox One has more than one operating system. Leo says it actually has three! Under the hood, it has the central core of Windows 8. On top of that is Microsoft's HyperV, which switches in context. Lastly, there's the gaming interface for XBox. Leo says it's not really three separate operating systems so much as different user interfaces. The interesting thing is that Microsoft is using the Windows 8 kernel (even though they refuse to call it that), and Leo says it's going to be a very powerful PC with a gaming system on top of it.

Matthew wonders if Windows 9 will turn a PC into an XBox. Leo says that would be very interesting. Steam already does that. Valve, the makers of Steam, will be creating a Valve Box, which will be a PC dedicated to running Steam, making it another contender in the gaming console wars.

Watch Art from Santa Maria, CA Comments

Art has an older Motorola 4G phone running Android, and he wants to use it just for Wi-Fi access. Leo says that'll work great and with voice over IP apps like Skype and Tango, Art can also use it as a phone when it's connected to Wi-Fi. Art is wondering about using Google Voice with it. Leo says that Google Voice wants to confirm a cellphone number so that won't work right. Skype is good because for $100 a year, he can have his own phone number.

Art will likely have to root the phone to get a recent OS, though. Leo recommends going to XDA Developer Forum to find the best mod for Art's phone. Then use ClockworkMod to install and run it.

Watch Richard from Bell Flowers, FL Comments

Richard has the Samsung Galaxy SIII and wants to root it, but he's having trouble finding a root method for it because it's on a Sprint MVNO. Leo says that it's possible the boot loader has been locked because of the MVNO and nobody has hacked it yet. If he can, CyanogenMod is a great option because it's pure Google. The Galaxy SIII is very well supported in terms of rooting.

Dr. Mom says that is a great place for more information on how to root that phone. There's also some information here:

Watch Alex from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alex just got the Samsung Galaxy SIV and he hates the hardware keys. He's wondering if there's a way to use touchwiz and use the stock soft keys. Leo says that Google doesn't want hardware buttons on the phones but Samsung says their customers demand it. Rooting it may be able to allow it to be used, but he wouldn't be using TouchWiz. There's a far better option with Sense and the Moto toolkit.

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George wants to know if LastPass is a good option to save his passwords. Leo says he uses it for everything. He uses it for password protection not only on his PC and Macs, but also his mobile phones. He also uses it to protect confidential information as well. It's free, with a premium version for $12 a year.

Watch John from Burbank, CA Comments

John bought a Dell XPS 8500 from Dell, and the sales person said it had a 2TB SSD drive. However, it came with a standard hard drive and a 32GB SSD, called a hybrid drive with smart response technology. Leo says the sales person probably just didn't understand what it really was. John could call and complain, but it won't really do him much good. They won't put a 2TB SSD in it. Leo says that computer is a pretty good one, nonetheless.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Joe from New York Comments

Joe has a Nexus 7 tablet and is worried about what will happen when the battery wears out. Leo says that the Nexus 7 can be opened and the battery can replaced. There's an article on. iFixIt showing how to do it. Joe is lucky because many mobile devices, like the iPad and iPhone, are designed so users can't replace that battery.

What about using an external case that has a battery built in? Leo says sure, there's plenty of options there. However on some devices, it won't work if the main battery is dead.

Watch Brian from Manchester, CT Comments

Brian has an HD TIVO Series III. Sometimes the show that's listed on the program guide isn't the show that gets broadcast, and it gets recorded. How can he change the name of the program in the metadata? Leo says he may not be able to. TIVO has locked down their DVR to the point where very little, if any, hacking can be done. It's a piracy issue and TIVO is very paranoid about it.

Watch Rick from Orange, CA Comments

Rick wants to know if he should install XP onto his computer. Leo says that Rick can, but after next summer Microsoft will no loner support it. So he won't get any more security updates. Then again, it's been 10 years, so it's largely very mature and hackers have moved on to newer platforms. Leo says that Windows 7 is a leaner, meaner and cleaner OS.

Watch Pam from Studio City, CA Comments

Pam is trying to use the iPod to text. She can't use anything other than Skype and Leo says that Skype has texting built in. Leo also says that there are plenty of other apps out there including WhatsApp, Google Voice, and TalkaTone. She can also use Apple's Messages app, which is able to text (or iMessage) people that have iOS devices. She just won't be able to text over SMS, because that requires a cell network.

Watch Sam from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Sam has a cellphone with Straight Talk and he wants something to access the internet other than a smartphone. Leo says that the simplest and best way is the Google Chromebook. It's a notebook that just has a Chrome Browser, and costs around $250. Get one with built in 3D like the Acer C7. A tablet like an iPad is another option.

Watch Herb from Santa Fe, NM Comments

Herb has an old iMac and is thinking about getting a new iMac with the Fusion hybrid drive. Leo says that the Fusion drive will buy him a 128GB SSD with a 2-3 TB hard drive, working in concert. They work just fine. In fact, Apple's hybrid drive is better than most.

However, the speed boost from an SSD drive is lost on the fusion drive for the most part, so Leo doesn't recommend them. If speed is the issue, he should get an iMac with an SSD and then get a separate external data drive. Fusion is an overly complicated solution in his opinion.

Watch Mike from Denver, CO Comments

Mike wants to wire up his home for sound. His house is already wired for Cat6 cable, but is wireless better? Leo says that Wireless is pricey, but it works. The Sonos, for instance, works great, but it's $400 a room. Each speaker has it's own wireless network built in. He can do it on his own, but the money he'd save is taken up in time building it himself. That's why Leo says if he can afford it, the Sonos Play5 is a great way to go.

Watch Mohammed from Anaheim, CA Comments

Mohammed bought a Windows 8 machine, but he hates it and wants to return it. Leo says that Start8 is $5 from Stardock and it gives Windows 8 the start menu. So there really isn't a need to return it.

He also wants to know if he can install older Windows 7 software on it. Leo says that there shouldn't be any problem with that. All Windows 7 apps should work just fine. Worst case scenario, he'd have to try compatibility mode. Mohammed may have to deactivate the software on the older machine and activate it on Windows 8 with some of his software.

Watch Ken from Orange, CA Comments

Ken wants to be able scan documents and email them. Leo says that a smartphone with a scanning app would work great, but Leo also likes the Epson Workforce All in One scanner and printer.