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Episode 981 May 25, 2013

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Audience Questions

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Watch Peter from Placentia, CA Comments

Peter is a teacher and wants to teach his kids how to do green screen keying like they do with the weather on the news. Leo suggests Telescreen Wirecast as a budget solution. It costs about $400-500. Leo also recommends hardware solutions like the TriCaster 40, but it's expensive at $5,000. There's also the Blackmagic ATAM.

Then he would need the proper chromakey green. Painting the wall is a good idea, but there's portable stretch options as well. He'll also want to light it properly to make sure there's no shadows.

Watch Martin from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Martin has a Kickstarter campaign and wants to know how to get the word out about it. Leo says that getting it mentioned on a national radio show isn't a bad way to start. Having a website and working with social media is also a good way to go.

Since Mark lives in Hawaii, it may be easier to get locals interested. Artists like Amanda Palmer and Zack Braff have built in communities, fans who are willing to step up and help out. So he'll have to lay the groundwork for a community.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Dave from Houston, TX Comments

Dave wants to know what's the best Bluetooth headset to wear while driving? Leo says that all the truckers who call in use the BlueParrott Road Warrior BT250. It has excellent noise cancelling, even when driving with the window down!

Watch Michael (via Skype) from Berlin, Germany Comments

Michael is a podcaster and wants to know how to make money with it. Podcasters can't charge through iTunes, so he wants to know how to go about making a living with it. Leo says that few podcasters actually can make a living off of it. In fact, for the first two years, he tried to make it without advertising, and now takes advertising. The important part is to build a community. Don't worry about making a living at the start, just build an audience.

He could do the PBS model and put up a "tip jar" on his site and mention it on the podcast. Leo says that only about 2% will donate, though. That's been his experience, and even PBS doesn't get more than 4% donations. People will pay for things that will make them money or train them. They seldom will pay for something that they consider to be "fun."

Once he has an audience with numbers that advertisers will want to pay for, then he can go out and sell ads.

Watch Jonathan from Melbourne, FL Comments

Johnny is looking to get a Windows Surface RT Tablet. He needs something for school. He has a laptop for his business and thinks that the RT will work well for school and on the fly entertainment. Leo says that for what Johnny needs, the Surface RT is perfect. It even comes with the full Microsoft Office Suite. Leo also recommends buying the type cover that has the keyboard built in for an additional $139.

He should keep in mind that there are rumors of a next generation Surface that could be announced as early as next month. Leo says it's a tad too soon for that rumor. However, it's more likely to be the Windows 8 Pro that will be updated. No need to wait, Leo thinks he can go ahead and get it.

Watch Gail from Covina, CA Comments

Gail is looking to buy a MacBook for her son for college, but she's debating between the Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro? She can get the 128GB SSD drive in the MacBook Pro for the same price as the Air.

Leo says that the Air is more expensive because it's thinner and lighter. While Gail wants to get her son a MacBook, she may want to wait until after June to pick it up because it's pretty definite that new MacBooks will he announced next month. She can also get a better deal ordering the MacBook through the college bookstore. Leo definitely recommends choosing the Air, though.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Keith from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Keith has a Kindle Fire HD with 16 gigs of storage, and wants to know if there's any way to increase that amount. Leo says there is not. The memory is soldered onto the circuit board and he wouldn't even be able to open it up to get to it. Leo says he could root it and put stock Android on it so the operating system would take less space, but he probably wouldn't gain back that much space.

He also can just stream content to his tablet, which is probably what Amazon had in mind with the Kindle Fire HD. That way he can watch all the content he wants without running out of storage space.

Watch Matt from Fontana, CA Comments

Matt recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and managed to keep his unlimited data plan through Verizon. Leo says that often third party independent cellular stores know of options that the carrier will simply refuse to offer. The independent operator wants to keep his customers happy, not the corporation. Matt says he was able to do it by using one of the other lines on his family plan. Leo says that's a great loophole. However, even "unlimited" isn't always unlimited. He may end up being throttled if he's a heavy data user.

Watch Matt from Fontana, CA Comments

Ever since Matt got the Asus formula V motherboard, and updated the BIOS on it, he gets a "Disk IO" error whenever he accesses his hard drives in Windows 7. The chatroom says he could roll back to a prior version of the BIOS. Leo suspects that when he updated the BIOS, it may have wiped the configuration memory on the motherboard. When he starts up his system, he should enter BIOS and look for "enhanced system configuration data" or "ESCD". It also could show up as an option to "Reset configuration data". Choosing that option and resetting the ESCD and restoring the defaults could solve his issue.

Watch Tom from Warren, OH Comments

Tom bought the Roku 3 so he can "cut the cord". Leo says that the Roku is a great option. The new thing is that it has a remote control that has a built in headphone jack so he can watch TV and not bother others. Tom says he uses it all the time but it recently had trouble connecting after the batteries died. He had to reset it and put it into "enhanced pairing mode" in order to get it done. Leo says that battery powered devices may require the remote to be reset so that it can be reacquired by the Roku.

Watch John from New Milford, CT Comments

John wants to know if an unlocked iPhone 5 from Verizon would work when traveling to Europe. Leo says that Verizon is a CDMA carrier, but the iPhone 5 is called a "world phone" because it works with both CDMA and GSM. Verizon set it up so that while CDMA is locked to Verizon, the GSM radio is unlocked for any carrier. One of the chad mods recently went to Japan and it worked great with a prepaid SIM. When traveling, Leo suggests checking out this site first:

Watch Libby from Clairmont, CA Comments

Libby would like to shoot some video and do some post production to make herself appear thinner. Leo says it's easy to do with still photos in in Photoshop. Video is more challenging and expensive, but it's doable. James says that there's an eHow tutorial on how to do it in Adobe After Effects.

Watch Leon from Philadelphia, PA Comments

Leon is getting a new laptop and wants to transfer his data and favorites settings from one computer to another. Leo says that it's really easy in Windows 7 as they have a transfer data feature. All Leon needs is a USB to USB cable. Here's a Microsoft technote, with video, on how to do it.