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Watch Samantha from California Comments

Samantha recently bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII and she likes the idea of the automatic reminders and "geo fencing." Leo says to tap the Google Search bar with the microphone and speak into it. Just say "Remind me to...when I get to..." and it will add it as a location based reminder. Once she gets used to the idea, it's great, especially if she's using with an app like Grocery IQ.

Watch JR from Melvindale, Michigan Comments

JR wants to know what the difference is between Windows Defender and Windows Security Essentials. Leo says that Defender is the Windows 8 version of Security Essentials, although there is an older version of Defender that's before Windows 7. For Windows 7, Leo advises staying with Security Essentials. If JR wants to pay, Eset's Nod 32 is far superior.

(Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor).

Watch Shrin from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Shrin was looking to buy a laptop but discovered that they no longer offer recovery discs. Leo says that's true and he recommends not buying a laptop without a recovery option. It either has to come with recovery discs or give him a way to make them himself. Windows 8 has a great restore feature, but Leo says he shouldn't just rely on that because what if the hard drive dies? He needs to make sure he has an external recovery option.

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Watch Ken from Rhode Island Comments

Ken's Verizon contract is up and he's looking at what new phone he should get to replace his current Blackberry. Leo says that the Blackberry Q10 looks pretty good with it's new BB10 OS, touch screen, and real keyboard.

Having said that, Verizon just announced the Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone. It has great email that works well with Outlook. Leo says that the time is ripe to jump to Windows phone from Blackberry. Leo advises visiting a store to hold them. If he gets a Windows phone, he should link it to a Microsoft Live account.

Watch Lynette from Azusa, CA Comments

Lynette watched all of the speeches at Google I/O this week, and thought all the talk of the Google environment was interesting. She was thinking about getting a Chromebook but doesn't know if it'll run Java because she loves playing games online. Leo says she'd have to hack the Chromebook to get Java on it, and Leo doesn't advise that. She should just look at a regular laptop.

Watch Richard from San Diego, CA Comments

Richard wants to set up a webcam for both security and showing customers the manufacturing process at his Inflatables plant. People don't believe things are made anymore in the US and he wants to change all that. Leo says that's a great idea, and recommends DropCam. It's what he uses at The TWiT Brickhouse Studios. It also has DVR capability so he can go back in time to see what's happened.

Check out Richard's site at Superior Inflatables.

Watch Diane from Burbank, Ca Comments

Diane wants to know how to protect her iPad when a toddler plays with it. Leo says to get a good strong rubber case. He recommends the AddyCase. They use them at TWiT because they're strong, rubberized, and have a good handle.

Watch Bob from Atlanta, GA Comments

Bob has a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit entry level smartphone, and he's thinking about getting a Nexus 4 to replace it. He's wondering if he should he wait until the Key Lime Pie version comes out. Leo says no need to wait, Google will update it in due course. Leo likes the Nexus 4, and the only thing he doesn't like is the lack of removable battery.

Google announced that it will be using the Samsung Galaxy SIV as its next Nexus model later this year, so Bob may want to wait for that instead.

Watch Pamela from Studio City, CA Comments

Pamela has a flip phone and her dad has an iPhone 4S. She tries to text, but it doesn't work right. Texts come out in gibberish. Leo says it's odd that the flipphone is messed up because SMS is good on all platforms. So that doesn't make any sense. Pam can use the iPod Touch if she has Wi-Fi access to do it. It only will work through Apple's iMessage, also. Pam can get other apps like What'sApp, Google Chat, or Skype, which all would handle messaging.

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Watch Monty from New Jersey Comments

Monty got an HTC Thunderbolt and wants to know what the most recent Android is to breathe new life into it. Leo says that the oldest phones are the best candidates for new firmware and mods.

Leo suggests going to XDA Developer Forums to learn how to root that phone and install the most recent Android OS for it. Then, go to Google Play and install ClockworkMod. Find the Cyanogen (CM10) mod. Leo advises getting the stable build. It'll make that Thunderbolt considerably faster.

Watch Jerry from Plymouth Lake, CT Comments

Jerry is making instructional videos and wants the audio to come through his bluetooth headset while recording it so he can do wirelessly. Leo says that the Bluetooth earpiece profile is only phone quality and that's not what he'll want to record quality audio. Leo advises recording to the iPhone via a lapel mic that's plugged into it. Or, he could try a Wireless system like Audio Technica. It would work great as long as he doesn't get a lot of RF interference.

Rode has the smartLAV, which plugs into the iPhone and is a professional grade microphone. In fact, any microphone plugged into the headphone jack will work.

Watch Mike from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mike would like to use a computer or tablet to teach his kids to play musical instruments. He tried GarageBand on the iPad, and his kids found it boring. Leo says that the iPad GarageBand app is the best option on the market. The sad part is that Apple was planning to have popular artists do video lessons, but dropped that after just a few lessons.

There are a few sites that the chatroom pointed out:

These sites may be a better, more interactive way to teach kids music.

Watch Georgia from San Pedro, CA Comments

Georgia would like to get a budget camcorder (under $100) to record her grandchildren. Leo says it's a shame that the FlipCam is no longer being made, but it was forced out because the smartphones today have better quality video right in the phone.

She's looking at the Panasonic HCV100 and the Samsung HMX80. Leo says to get the Panasonic, which is the best of the choices available. Generally, Leo recommends that people just use their point and shoot camera, since most will record great HD video.

Watch Brian from Hollywood, CA Comments

Brian is looking to upgrade his cellphone. He's thinking about the Samsung Galaxy SIV, but he likes Siri on the iPhone.

Leo says that Google's voice recognition is now better than Siri. It's more reliable and robust. There's also the HTC One which is a good phone to consider. So getting an iPhone for Siri isn't a good idea.

The Galaxy SIV is a great option, but Leo also says not to count out a Windows 8 phone. The Nokia Lumia 920 is a great phone if he's a Windows user. There's a few things that it can't do, such as Instagram (yet).

For it's simplicity and clean interface, though, the iPhone is ideal, especially if he has family that uses them. It makes sense to get what they have, so they could help him with it. At the end of the day, it comes down to his personal preference.